Monday , November 29 2021

In Poland, the remains of ancient harbor animals were found


In & nbsp; & nbsp; polarize is the opacity of & # 39; the earth life-long lifeFormerly, researchers believe that the whole herbivore in Europe of the period is dinosaurs.

Dicynodontia (Dicynodontia) – herbivorous synapside, the ancestors of modern mammals, who lived in the early Jurassic period (190.8 million years ago) lived in the world (298.9 million years ago). It is demonstrated that before the beginning of the Jurassic period no orphan group of hereditary mammals is no height of # 39; Height of half a meter, while some herbivorous dinosaurs reach 15 meters in height and carry 10 tons of weight.

Now scientists found the remnants of dicynodont, that's about 9 tons. The length of her body was 4.5 meters and a height of more than 2.5.

Hast Lisowicia bojani was a straight back, like in other diocods, and straight legs, under the body like modern rhinos. Still known of 'Triassy dicynodonts with the production of' The front legs only as reptile – elbows separated in hand. These changes make you quicker to hit the last one on the knees and reduce the energy efficiency of the # e limbs increase.

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