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Over 30 years ago, I was less than one place in the Gifted Education Program (GEP).

I was one of the first to pass a special test with a general ability to classify the top 1% of children with English, math and intellectual talent.

At that time, it was not a big deal because there were few people who did not choose GEP.


Today, the GEP (34th year of this year) became a fixture in the Singapore educational environment and it was desperate.

Injury score

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has informed parents on the website that "Parents should not enroll their children in the exam preparation activities for the (GEP) identification exercise."

The Ministry of Environment can raise students' scores with these activities, and said, "Students who are not prepared to deal with the intellectual rigor and requirements of the GEP can cope with the abundant curriculum and not benefit from it." We also warned students to over-stress and not lose confidence.

Luckily I did not actually seem to be more talented than I have.

Recently, however, I received an unexpected invitation at the symposium for the same GEP teachers who did not qualify for the age of nine.

The transition of this remarkable event made me think about the gifted. Giftedness is a concept that evokes strong emotions because it grows at the core of people's self-consciousness.

People say they are natural born for a long time, so they feel good about themselves and they hate that they are not.

I have seen this direct hand because my friends and I have been teaching a workshop on spiritual gifts for many years. Think of it as a Christian edition of the Clifton Strengths assessment of Gallup.

The general reaction of people is that they are fixed on gifts they think they have or are lacking, and there is much less interest in calling or obligation to use their gifts to benefit others.

The message we are going to cross is as important as understanding what is not as gifted as figuring out where it is. The process helps each person to decide where to focus on their energy and effort.

I brought gifts and gifts.

Alienated community members who are considered to be less than brilliantly made have a particular need to convince giftedness.

That's why songs such as Coldplay and Big Sean's miracle (someone special) are so moving. The official video of this song makes it clear that promoting refugees, migrants and ethnic minorities in pursuing a dream is a hymn that can not be a hero.

It begins with Chris Martin's song:

"The father never gave up his son.

See how great Cassius is.

Muhammad, Mahatma, Nelson,

I can not be strong because I'm scared. "

Rapper Big Sean is involved.

"What if they say I'm not good?

If they say to get out of here, kid, there is no future. "

Martin's renewal:

"Now you could run and say they were right.

I can not have anyone in my life.

Or you can turn around.

And I keep dancing all my life for a long time …

"You see a special person.

When I realized that my eyes were on fire

We will go further than we have gone. Just turn it on. "

Many other gifts

But is talent just a matter of aspiration and turning on the gift to find?

clearly. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to shake like Martin or paint like Picasso.

The important thing is that we are all born, we are doing our own way, and that we can make a positive difference.

So giftedness is narrowly defined and is a problem when excluding most or most people.

For example, the GEP focuses on intelligently talented people. The Ministry of Environment, on its website, says that people have shown their talents in a variety of ways, including leadership, music and artistic abilities, but they tend to take intelligence as a privilege among their parents.

But none of the heroes celebrated in the Coldplay song mentioned above remembered with thought.

Besides the men named in the first stanza, the song also highlights four women in its second stanza:

"Look what Amelia and Joan did.

Oh Rosa, Teresa wins their war

I can not be strong because I'm scared. "

Illustration: CHNG CHOON HIONG

Four of these heroes were notable for their moral leadership (Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Calcutta's Teresa). Among the other three, Muhammad Ali was an outstanding boxer, Amelia Earhart was a flight pioneer, and Joan of Arc was a patriot and war heroine.

It shows that there is no universal standard for giftedness, and what the world needs is the best use of its own gift set at the time and place each of us found ourselves.

Role of parents, teachers, and friends

Most people I know are having difficulty believing that they are gifted.

Others say that everyone has an ingenious talent and that they believe their eyes are the idealism of the sky.

In fact, being an idealist in my age is no problem.

Eventually, a great psychiatrist and holocaust survivor and writer, Viktor Frankl, was 67 years old when he spoke to the George Youth Corp meeting in 1972. "You can not believe it, but gray hair started flying at my age. I recently had a class, and do you know what a flying instructor told me?"

Focusing on gifts gives you the qualities of the future that can be quickly overlooked to build a successful career and accumulate qualities such as riches, qualities, patience, courage, courage and qualities.
t affirms life and is much more rewarding than discovery.

He then explains how a cross-flying pilot uses a maneuver called "crab" to get to the airfield he used to aim at when he headed north from his destination.

"This applies to men," Dr. Franklin said. "If we really take people, we make him worse. But if we overestimate him, we can see what happens, if we look like an idealist, overestimate, underestimate a person, and look up on a high person.

"We promote him to what he can actually do.

"So we have to be an idealist in some way, because we are making a wind as a true realist.

"And do you know who said this? If we take him, we make him worse.But if we had to have people, we could have the ability to be that person … this is Goethe , "He referred to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as the greatest man of modern German literature.

I knew that anticipating and expecting other people's gifts was a great way to do everything they could.

Parents and teachers are in a privileged position to do this for their children and students.

Focusing on gifts gives you the qualities of the future that can be quickly overlooked to build a successful career and accumulate qualities such as riches, qualities, patience, courage, courage and qualities.

It is much more rewarding than life affirmation and misunderstanding.

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