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Both cyclists and motorcyclists are in danger of 'national tarmac'.

Breakdowns with tuberculosis and armed regions are three times as likely to get the bikers and cyclists as a different type of accident, according to new data.

More about Britain's destroyed destinations:

Analysis of the powers by the AA found that the injuries were a injuries they were an injury, as far as likely to have had a biker or biker than another crash type.

In 2017, 545 camels were involved in injuries consumers making the traffic a contribution. Almost half of the bicycles (45 percent) were bicycles or motorcycles.

Path cycling in the landscape

However, when all types of crashes were observed, the data showed that this mode of transport was involved in only 15 percent of crashes.

General to the AA that the victim of cyclists and bikes is 25 times higher than car residents.

The news comes under the National Road Safety Week, this year focusing on the safety issues of two-bicycle cars.

London traffic

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text" Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – cm Mt (0.8em) – sm "type =" text "content =" Earlier this week, a study of Brake, which has organized the neighborhood, found that motorcycles and cyclists were more likely 34 times than car vaccines were killed on UK roads. "Data-reactid =" 82 "> Earlier this week was a study of Brake, the weekly campaign, that motorcycles and cyclists found 34 times more likely than auto drivers were killed on UK roads.

As a result of his findings, the AA calls for improvements to the wrong surface, where it says there are potential damage to all road users.

According to the organization, victims suffered damage to cars, but they are a major threat to cyclists and bikes, which can cause plagiarisms that can cause the rider to risk.

Cyclists are on the road after crash

Former AA investigations found that more than half of drivers have seen a cyclist have difficulty preventing themselves and others from joining a risk of an accident.

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Two cyclists on a land land in the UK

Edmund King, director of AA Trust, said that the drivers and skaters however earn a net earn money that they can keep safe.

"Foals are a plague in road for all road users – not just drivers," he said. "They make a specific hazard for you on two grooves, as shown by the crash riders. When a bicycle writes in a police center they can have great difficulty in the autumn, but heavier in traffic is not an attractive alternative.

"All valuable users deserve a network that is well-functioning and well-aimed."

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