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Here's how to qualify for Best Buy's personal Black Friday sale this Sunday – BGR


In 2018, Black Friday is only a week away. At this point in the game, we already have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from retailers in relation to technology sales this season. We saw that most of the Black Friday ads were leaked or announced well before the shopping event. There is little surprise left before Black Friday. In fact, Black Friday discounts are available early in various stores and Best Buy is one of them. The electronics retailer will host a special Black Friday sale this Sunday, but not everybody gets qualified.

From the post on its forum shown by BF Advertising, Best Buy explains that if you are an Elite or Elite Plus member on Sunday, November 18th, you can get early access to Black Friday prices.

People who shop a lot at Best Buy probably already know what these two assignments mean. If you do not know, here's how it works: For Elite qualifications, you must purchase at least $ 1,500 for Best Buy and $ 3,500 per year for Elite Plus membership. There is time until November 18 to achieve the milestone for next year's membership, but if you want access to this sale, you must do before Sunday.

It is unclear when Black Friday pre-sales will start because Best Buy is trying to stop the flow of large amounts of traffic. Log on to Best Buy and find a banner informing you that sales have begun.

Regarding the deals available for early shopping, Best Buy said the majority of Black Friday deals should be available except for popular items in stores that can not be ordered online. Phone orders can only be made after 7:00 AM on the day of the event, and may take several hours after online sales begin. In other words, unless you get up in the middle of the night and do not mind checking to see if the event has begun, online shopping is the best option. Finally, pick-up in stores is not available if you place an order during this event.

Check out the full Q & A section at Best Buy for this link, and find Best Buy Black Friday 2018 ad here.

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