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Have anti-Japan fans forced Mina from TWICE worldwide?

Online bullying can have traumatized Japanese star Mina. YouTube screen capture

By Ko Dong-hwan

There is speculation that the real reason that Mina missed the TWO world tour that just completed his first leg in Los Angeles was anti-Japan fans who attacked the Japanese star online in the midst of strengthening Korea-Japan ties .

Korea's anger against Japan has made a move here among K-pop fans to expel Japanese members of K-pop bands in Korea.

The anti-Japanese sentiment follows Japan's exclusion from Korea from its white list & # 39; From the beginning, this month begins with Japanese exports of semiconductor materials to Korea, a global chip-making giant.

To JYP Entertainment, TWICE's agency, announced on July 14 that Mina would miss the tour because of "mental anxiety", speculation mounted that anti-Japanese fans could traumatize the star.

JYP said at TWICE's official homepage that Mina "suddenly feels extremely nervous and worried about the performance on the stage."

Two actions without Mina at The Forum in Los Angeles on July 19. Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

"We don't exactly know the name of the state, but are investigating medical settings to check the cause," the bureau said.

The agency said the decision that Mina would miss the "TWICE World Tour 2019 TWICELIGHTS" was made after an in-depth conversation with the star and the other eight members of the group.

On July 19, TWICE completed his first leg of a world tour at The Forum in Inglewood, Los Angeles, and released an audience of 11,000.

After moving on to Mexico City, Newark, Chicago and Kuala Lumpur, the band will play seven Japanese cities in October.

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