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Everything we learned after 20 hours of gameplay

Anthem is just about every corner and every month we have it as part of IGN First Way. For our great deep double this month, we got the chance to go to BioWare and play over 20 hours of anthem in a state in a province.

With this knowledge we have returned to share what we have learned to make you a better understanding of what Anthem is, and how & # 39; t you decode some of its lesser known aspects – especially if you want to be in time the upcoming demo. While some of you are, you may already know if you have the following face, some of you are probably not, so we let it in.

The story in anthem

The story of Anthem is a very secret secret to BioWare – the team won't open the name of the planet yet – you only have the smallest bits of info so far. The large image, fast and hard-synopsis is Anthem's on a planet that rejects in futuristic technology. A long-established group of creatures called The Shapers built and used this technology – in addition to an inexorable powerful ones called The Anthem of Creation – to do whatever they wanted.

At a time, the Shapers disappeared, rendering the world inexperienced in the process. Unfortunately for mankind, all of this divine technology was left in various functions and from time to time life comes and runs roughly from chaos – from the monster you storm to & # 39; ancillary stones catacombs. Humanity takes up behind the walls of Fort Tarsis – named after the legendary general Tarshish, who met the Legion of Dawn – and only ventures beyond the walls into knowledgeable products of supermotors called Javelins to stop at any time with the kataslyms. These javelin scrapbooks that go beyond the security of the wall are called freelancers.

The Dominion, led by a man named Doctor Hawkin, searched for a powerful Shaper artifact that he believed they could use to control the Anthem of creation.

But after a lot of anthem, we play a little more. For example, we know other cities, and probably quite different continents on a planet. The empty area, or land, or continent – or what you want to call it – that we have all seen, is called Bastion. It is the home of Fort Tarsis and where & # 39; the Anthem comes first – from what we have seen so far. But it was always home to another big city, called Freemark.

Freark was old and prosperous, but was attacked by the military, black conqueror of conquerors who called the Dominion that it came from the North. The Dominion, led by a man named Doctor Hawkin, searched for a powerful Shaper artifact that he believed they could use to control the Anthem of creation. He was wrong, like most megalomania's. Its manipulation made massive catastrophes that destroyed it. After that day, the Dominion disappeared with Doctor Hawkin.

Doctor Hawkin
The doctor leads the Dominion in Anthem.

But if all the good neighbors were to do, the Freelancers from Fort Tarsis called up and sent multiple squads to the Freak cataclysms – now called Heart of Rage – in & # 39; an effort to stop it. Eventually, they were overwhelmed by the storm and the massive Titans, which were running around, and suffering from high loss, were in shame. Since that defeat, freelancers are no more than heroes heard, and live by a hefty contract to make Bastion, which it tries to earn itself.

If you have played the closed beta last year, the last part should be good for you, because it's essentially the opening of the game. And we are the story of Anthem: the Dominion has returned mysteriously and we have to restore the band to stop them and discover the secrets of Bastion, and I told Doctor Hawkin's plans and his dirty face.

The Elder Game – Anthem's End Game

The biggest question about Anthem is what you do after you graduate from fresh-present recruiting and in the endgame, which you call BioWare The Elder Game. Anthem's Elder Game is a run that adjusts your character with the best gear and weapons you can find to start crazy loadouts that you & # 39; re capable of in & # 39, a hard content. The goal is to improve and improve collaboration to increase your overall collaborative change and make your selection, and your coworkers who have made your measure you can by troubleshooting barriers and the toughest content on & # 39, to take the toughest problems, get even better, to improve on better combinations and so on.

If you came to the levels of 30 and start Anthem's Elder Game, you get access to a new bull of difficulty: Grandmaster 1, 2 and 3.

There are several music leaflets in Anthem that you can select before you are on an expedition outside of Fort Tarsis. These allow you to risk and tax all the activities that you do and what we have seen you can play any content of Anthem on any difficulty settings. The harder is the difficulty you make from the modification click to see high-grade device drops, but the more health and damage the enemies do, so you can see the trade.

When it comes to these difficulty settings, we'll start with the base level & # 39; s: a no-pressure Easy program, the normal normal problem, and of course in Hard Hardy. If you have content on all three of the basic problems, it has failed as a few works: you can most likely easily do most activities if you know what you are doing. On normal, depending on what type of content you include – missions, freeplay, contracts, etc. – you must be honest, but it is possible to get by your own. In hard trouble, your friends and tactics needed to get the most out of activities. That's where & # 39; you start.

Grandmaster 3 Difficulty
There are six problems in Anthem, but Grandmaster 3 is your ultimate goal.

If you see the levels of number 30 and beginning of Anthem's Elder Game, you get access to a new beer of difficulty: Grandmaster 1, 2, and 3. Select To make content on these Grandmaster issues your best chance is to find the best Gear available, but risk is intense. Greatmaster stimulates the enemies more strongly, instead of raising their health and damage, to a reasonably heated 3,100 percent on Grandmaster 3.

It will do a lot of work to build your team spirit, to start mastering the master master problems, a complete Javelins campaigning and intentional synergies that will synergize with to make one another. In short, Grandmaster problems are the best of the best: the best interests, and the best Anthem needs to know you.

What makes that build an all-in-one? No, every javelin – Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor – has three mergers, two weapons slots, and six component slots. Aligning the good part of collaboration for each slot helps you build a built-in & # 39; s work, making you continue to change a powerful to six components. Components vary from one source to another – increase your flight time or weapons – for specific improvements for specific items and their capabilities – such as elevation of one damage to one capacity when you use another. Ultimately, you will find it in a powerhouse after honoring and directing the good gear.

The ceiling for really crazy indoor games does not appear to be high enough, but very diverse.

Gear in Anthem comes in six rare seleniums: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Masterwork and Legendary.

I have the majority of my play on "Storm javelin," who can teach you more by viewing our IGN First Storm Javelin profile. To give you an example, I have assembled dozens of pieces and components earned that & # 39; I started making a foundation for a huge load. One masterpiece component that I renamed Token of the Master sells my left-hand competitor at 60% then I had a weak shot at the weak point of my justice. That's just useful for myself because it means that my watercolor is sold and it effectively makes my damage per second. But then I found a masterpiece component called Mark of Ruin that increased my justified ability to 100%, while my five-second link skills were colored. You can start to see how & # 39; this build-up can be damaged.

In the fight I would use my link skills – a shameful ability with a long drainage, for example – that would improve the damage of my justice in 5 seconds. In my legitimate abilities I would be flexible, such as a short cooldown fireball skill, so it's always ready to use in one event that I express the buffalo. Then I make an enemy with my justice, activating & # 39; a buffalo and choking & # 39; e alternate with my link skills, and start the whole rotation. Once I have enough practice I easily got my shooter production as long as I stopped this rotation. And that only uses two of my possible six-component slots, and they are relatively good (but not large). The ceiling for really crazy building seems very high.

The predecessor award seems perfect for building doctors and playwrights, and I expect a community with a heavy discussion on optimal architecture.

This complete jacket to get the best together is then further enhanced by random special attributes for gear and weapons, which are called Infusions. The goal is to find each item together or create the one that you want with the "#" you want to get the best version of your loadout possible. The progressive loop made me feel perfect for your built doctors and theory crafters, and I expect a heavy community of discussions and YouTube videos about building optimally for each javelin and any style of game.

Now that you know about problems and collaborations, it's time to quickly try out activities and what you want to do to meet your goals. Each activity in Anthem is designed to deliver on another part of the power class. For example, Freeplay is the best way to get material to create gear and weapons – javelin, parts, and natural materials in Bastion. You name it, you can find it in Freeplay.

If you are looking to gain just experience, Missions and Legendary Contracts take the best way to do this and increase your overall pilot level. And Strongholds – Anthem's version of MMORPG dungeons (or Strikes, for the destiny-folly) – are the best way to find high-quality self-assembly. If you've been to Anthem, you probably have already seen one of them: the Tyrant Mine stins that you do against a mass of spider monster. But there are other bastions in Bastion, such as The Temple of Scar, where BioWare brings more about a future.

Anthem's personalization

Now that you know what the concatenations look like, we'll talk about what you see. Javelin in anthem can be unhappy personally. All personalization is aesthetic, the way in which you view, as opposed to the adaptation, the different ones that you find and execute, the way your game plays.

Personality of yours is easy, and if I am honest, it is easy to suggest. We will all start with basic suits, but soon you can change the color of every piece of a great list of colors, or create custom colors if it is your thing. In addition to colors, you can also configure the text. Do you want to see your weapon sanitary and dull, hard and shiny, or maybe metallic? You can set the texture of any steel: Helmet, Chest, Arms, and Leg, besides the color, for an almost incomplete variety.

I stood too much time to turn my storm into a golden country, ironic eyes – and I love it.

I have a stock set of Interceptor in a pink Power Ranger just to see how it looked. My colleague did his best to create the Hulkbuster-rider on his Colossus with mixed results in our limited time. And I gave too much time to broaden my storm in a golden countryside, shameful eyes – and I love it. If someone doesn't really care about how his character is playing in games, the amount of minute detail allows you to create the experience of a shameful outlook in what I wanted to perfect, and look to others. There is an artificial craft.

Which sentence, to say just now that I thought we were getting it, was designing a BioWare design to change something for our sake. The personal suites that came with them made everything we were already looking for as damaging fingerfears.

But maybe you just don't want and just want to get a nice pick up on your game and call it good? You can do that too. You can even change your valuation test to see and settle if you want it to live in a kitchen. And if you ultimately want to invest more, then pumping performance that completely changes the eye of & quot; pump leaflet & quot; for each javelin – you & # 39; re able to get through a combination of free and premium currency buy, but we come in & # 39; e antyms monetization in a minute.

I don't think I will ever be aware of this mess, badass suits all intuitive techno presence and starts hopping one foot to the other with coordinated hypops as they do the Cute Bounce emote.

Moreover, my favorite aspect of personality is the emotions and animations. Are they affecting how & # 39; you play? No not at all. But there are a ton to choose and there are some really intriguing emotions.

I got used to my storm on the stage with the standard animation at the beginning of an expedition, but then I did the animation of & quot; Space Baby & # 39; Discovered, Bought, and Exhausted, I don't think I'll always take it down. He no longer learned on the stage, but slowly disappeared into the top up in a fetal position as a kind of cosmic wizard. And I don't think I will be back from hiding again, only sucking the intimidating techno presence and starting from & # 39; one foot to the other with coordinated hypops as they do the cute bounce emote. But the list is comprehensive and you can buy and export what you want in your three available slots. But a word of advice: always bring the flare emote. They are useful to illuminate dark places, but flares are really used most often when placed on your friends. No house without a flicker.

Space Baby Arriva Animation
What a beautiful Space Baby.

Anthem's Monetization

When you sell anthem, you get story and content extensions, new missions and new forces, and during, weekend, or month, BioWare all means free shipping.

Returning to the Monetary Structure of Anthem: Yes, there is a prime currency called Shards, besides the free coin named Coin. But all of the coins that you pay at the & nbsp; label are only used on cosmetics such as sets of weapons, emoettes, spikes, and so on. And most of & # 39; a cosmetic, we saw, needed a combination of both coin and shards, it looked.

BioWare really does want them to compare the player base by making sales story content so that there is a large mailbox plan for anthem, none of which will become a paywall. That means story and content expansion to the game, that means new missions and new cities, which means that the twenty, alternating, or moonly content has disappeared BioWare has plan: If you bought anthem, you get it all for free.

The one thing that is not called enough cosmetic BioWare can cost real money in the future are new Javelin suits. There were no concrete plans in the works when we talked to the developers, but in & # 39; e future, if BioWare decides to request more javelin, you may have to ask to open them. But if you decide to buy a new game – if they and when they are available – they are just another option of playstyle, not a requirement to experience the content.

Anthem Alliance System

In a cooperative game such as anthem work with other players an important part of one's experience. But let's look for the face, group and play with others is not the preference of anyone, although any activity in Anthem will be matchmaking to find your other players. To make this natural resistance to playing with others, BioWare has created something called the Alliance system.

The Alliance system is a way to help other players and help other players without doing anything.

The Alliance system is a way to help other players and help other players without doing anything. If you have content with other players, or you have anti-players on your friend list, then everyone is automatically added to your alliance.

At the end of a mission, you tell personal experience and taxes, but you will also see a license fee statement. This alliance experience offers time, and is taken over by the other players in your alliance. The idea of ​​how to play your more, experience the more alliance gives you other players, and the more Alliance experience can give you other players.

Alliance Experience
The screen saver window that you experience your alliance.

On & # 39; one end of & # 39; Each week, all affiliates who have signed up from other players will be converted to Coin that you can use. So every week, if you make sure you play with something else or not, you will earn money each other, without ever sending a request or message to other keys. It is the hands out, and there are no depths. The more you play the more interests you get, and the more you play, the more interests you give to other players who have created you in a world.

Anthem's drawings and hair faces

It is important that impressions of these relationships have not been abolished as a character from & # 39; a head comes.

If there is one, of course, BioWare has heard of Mass Effect Andromeda, it is that people say about faces. And so BioWare set out to look at great characters in Anthem as people believe in believing human faces. It can look like a small thing, but being the majority of people with other people in the first person, it's really important to feel like talking to a person.

We've been talking about many characters, we can say happy that Anthem is treating his faces and figures as real people. In one particular starting point with your friend Owen you can get a real sense of his playful personality, as he does with a different no-nonsense character, and be his eagerness to become a freelancer pilot in his own right in one day. While there are no romantic options in Anthem, there are relationships with characters created by it, and it is important that impressions of those relationships are not aborted as a character & # 39; a head coming. From what we see, every character in Anthem has more fitting personality and facial muscles to fit.

Anthem's Combo system

We have already talked about the combination bar in our earlier profiles of our Storm and Javelin interceptors, but because the system may be a bit complicated, here is a brief refinement.

In Anthem, your feelings are from & # 39; e javelin to & # 39; You go gear, it's your wardrobe, and that ability with elemental damage and effects: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Acid, your name. But there are two skills ratings when it comes to performing combos: Primers and Detonators.

You can tell what's something about the small symbol on & # 39; s ability. Primary skills have the small flame image and stack elemental effects on an enemy. Depending on how strong the gear gets, it determines how much of the elemental effect is with each hit. If you drop an enemy to stack completely, the enemy is primed: so that you see something with ice, the enemy is frozen and angered and ready to demand for a combination.

To earn a primary purpose, you need to use a detonator skill or a melee strike. You can tell a capability is a detonator through its small explosion proof. It is important to know what each of your skills is, because if you play solo and only bring detonators, you will not come. Combos are good; We want combo gear.

Every javelin has its own type of combination, which means when they earn an enemy, a special thing is that only that javelin can.

But here's the great part, anyone can cancel one enemy, without whom. So let's say you laugh at a Storm Javelin and you don't have a good primacy yet. That's good. Your Ranger or Interceptor friend with really good foreground skills can walk around and compose everything, while killing them all.

To just experiment more on combos, every javelin has its own type of combos, which means when they deserve an enemy, a special thing is that only javelin can do:

The combination of the Ranger is affected: This is very high damage to the combination target. This damage can be determined by certain items.

The Combo type of Colossus is Explosion: This moves dispute to the combination target and all enemies in a wide area around it. This damage can be determined by certain items.

The combination of storm is Kinet: This moves the skew to the combo target and changes the state it & # 39; s active on that purpose to chain a small number of other adjacent targets. The number of additional keystrokes can be increased by certain items.

The Combo type of the interceptor is Aura: This moves the comma target and adds a status aura to & # 39; an interceptor that matches the status on the target. This aura moves with the interceptor, so it applies the status of application to the paste.

So if you see, it will take a while, but get a good group that you know about each other can be an important part of the effective in the Elder Game.

We will continue to share BioWare's last game as part of our entire month as part of our IGN First. To stay alive, you need to be sure that the Anthem IGN First nub checks for all our coverage so far.

Brandin Tyrrel is the Xbox Editor of IGN and will hand over this year a lively kitten from his life to Anthem. You can find it Unlocked, or chat over Twitter by @BrandinTyrrel.

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