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Drenched in passion – Weather with you by Makoto Shinkai is here, but is it good? Ora SoraReview

Arguably the Shinkai-est-anime still, and maybe the beginning of a connected Makoto Shinkai cinematic universe?

If you describe the style anime director Makoto Shinkai in one word, "weed" would be a pretty good choice. The thinker of Your name has made a brilliant color palette his visual calling card, and his story collection is constantly emotional, with dry logic always washed by the passions of some characters.

So when Shinkai makes a movie with rain as one of the primary plot points, it is safe to assume that you'll see his lawful story ever. Seriously, a pit stop in the toilet before going into the theater is a must, and you may want to revisit your planned purchase of a large soda (if you see a Japanese theater, a beer). Steady drizzles? Heavy precipitation? Thunderstorm? Shinkai's latest anime, Weathering with You, has them all, accompanied by torrents of longing, regret, desire, and despair.

Shortly after it starts, the film introduces us to male lead Hodaka, running against you from his house in the rural Shikoku. After he jumps on a ship that brings him to Tokyo, he meets him Keisuke, a somewhat suspicious publisher of Tokyo's magazine with a bit of a slacker stripe, which nevertheless offers Hodaka a hand in hand if ever someone in & # 39; Need a big city.

It is not long before Hodaka realizes its plan to live in an internet store, while work seeks serious flaws. As minors and escaped, even shady yakuza-run bars in Tokyo's sluggish stripes, he will not rent, and soon he will not be able to pay the internet, and switch to happy in fast-food restaurants and sleep on & # 39 ; the streets.

It is in one of these restaurants that Hodaka hits a name employee Hina, Weather with you female lead. After they conclude that Hodaka is a escape, they beat a free citizen, but not everyone else's Hodaka meeting in their homeless nights is so kind, and after a dangerous meeting with a low level & # 39; his street club, he realizes that he has no one left and calls Keisuke, after which he offers the sleepy-expressed journalist to accept the teenager as a combination writer / assistant / housekeeper, and provide him with free room and board in & # 39; a converted bar in which he lives and works.

Hodaka is not the greatest writer, but he is enthusiastic and hardworking, and he, Keisuke, and Natsumi, a beautiful and outgoing college student who also works part-time for Keisuke, forms something that feels a bit like a family unit. Then, when turning leads for a story, Hodaka belongs to it a girl with the magical power to stop the rain, something that has been especially important since then Weather with you finds place in a summer when Japan is still cleaner than normal (it is also an unusual parallel to real life, in 2019, the cleanest summer of Japan is in different years).

It turns out that this girl is Hina, but her and Hodaka's paths crawl again because of a separate opportunity. Hodaka is afraid to find out the rumors are indeed: By clapping and praying by their hands, Hodaka can throw rain clouds and shout out the sun. After leaving their job and needing a new line of income, tech-savvy Hodaka helps them set up a web-based company that sells their services to event organizers, party planners, important dates knitwear, or anyone else's a rest of rain, so Hodaka's parents are out & about; a picture is supposed to support both their own brother and their primary school Nagi, can meet once, and it is here Weather with you story begins in earnest.

If that sounds like a long excitement for the plot to continue, it feels that when you see the movie as well. That's a good thing pretty much every frame fan Weather with you looks beautiful. No one really expected Your name To become the massive hit it became, but this time it is immediately obvious that Shinkai had all the sources that he wanted to make a movie that just sees how he wants it, and D is constantly something to admire on the screen, even if the story doesn't really go anywhere at that particular moment.

Besides the expected loving treatment of Shinkai from heaven, stripes of sunlight and re-dropping, Weather with you interior is constantly great, with so many drawers, books, decorations and other distinct furniture that it is easy to forget that the movie does not occur in a house of a person, and that the artists and animators should draw every "plug" that you see .

Talk about items in the real world, is a surprising amount of product placement Weather with you. Internet portal Yahoo !, Internet Mamboo !, convenience store Lawson, instant noodle maker Nissin, and second-hand brand name brand Vanilla are all represented by real companies in the movie, and the fast food restaurant Hina is primarily a Tokyo subsidiary McDonald's. That said, may about the whole anime that takes place in the real Tokyo neighborhoods Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Yoyogi, and Kagurazaka, it may have been noisier to see such heavily commercialized districts without any real world logos, and if you ever asked how & # 39; a Big Mac would look in the world of Makoto Shinkai, you will know that once Weather with you.

Hina's service seems to be a hit, and soon they run, Hodaka, and the beloved Nagi (that it seems to be the initial servant of an unfriendly abrupt sidestides and a precarious but levelless boy) runs all over Tokyo for various clean-stop appearances. Things start to get small, but soon Hina is called to make sure that some of Tokyo's biggest events go wrong.

Much of this takes place during a musical montage, set to a catchy song compiled by the Japanese rock band Radwimps, which reflects a similar sequence in Your name where the male and female leads of that anime are known to each other. Weather with you gives us a closer look at how exactly the relationship of Hodaka and Hina, and attraction to each other developshowever, we & # 39; t see them as they & # 39; t immediately interact with each other. Before she started her rainstop business, Hina usually worked to make the money she needed to take care of herself and her brother, but when she provided sunshine for clients and clarified her heart, she found a striking, soul-raising goal, and the way they and Hodaka both get pleasure by making other people happy is a shared set of values ​​and ideals, it just can't bloom in any bigger than platonic friendship.

If this sounds a little bit again light on momentum, it is. While he is directing anime for about 17 years, Shinkai has not made so many movies with full length, and sometimes Weather with you can feel it spinning its wheels to put some empty space between the dramatic beats, that the story does not get too fast. But again, these spinning wheels are wonderful to behold, and the immense meticulous recreation of Tokyo's truly venues makes it almost a function as an animation promotion for Japan's largest city. And although it has only a minimal meaning for Hodaka's and Hina's story, during our ride on Hina's governing performances, the film is nonchalantly and explicitly telling us that Weather with you finds place in the same world as Your name, in one kind of Makoto Shinkai Filipino universe, where remixed versions of Shinto mythology are real forces that can be human life.

But just as the rain clouds keep returning to & # 39; they'll move them, we are starting to see damage at some corners of this happy life that our counter-protagonists have made for themselves. Despite the handy tropics that have used anime series for decades, minors in Japan cannot really live by themselves, and that, together with other legal problems Hodaka, Hina, and Nagi to flee to & # 39; during a freaky powerful storm. The three finally take shelter and spend a night of innocent salvation singing karaoke, jumping on junk food, and acting like silly, careless children, to which Hodaka silently says, & # 39; Please, God, give us no more and take nothing away. Let us stay forever, ” and it is a heartbreakingly bittersweet moment, at this point it has caused the narrative end steam, and it is painful to see that this simple happiness is indescribably fragile.

Things eventually come to a series of kinetic confrontations, and it is here a little more insight into why Hodaka's home is around would have been nice. It is clear that Weather with you primary goal is to tell the story how to change Hodaka's and Hina's lives together, and yes, it is obvious that the main reason he wants to stay in Tokyo is because of his feelings for Hina. But the drastic, and even violent, measures that Hodaka is prepared to intervene to not return to his parents in Shikoku are difficult to process mentally and emotionally without anything but "I did not like it Shikoku, and I don't want to go back, & # 39; and knowing the specific nature of what he was doing would make it easier to sympathize, or at least understand, why he was ready to get close to not just his own life, but also others & # 39; to damage..

In the same effect The central conflict of Hina, whether to continue to influence it or not, could also be defined more sharply. We finally learn that they also use enormous dangers through their powers, but the pressure they feel is about to stop the rain, beyond their desire to make people happy and make a money, is a Critical point that we are largely aware of the fact. As with Hodaka, the choices that make them endanger both their and others' lives, and the whole story depends on their decision, a clearer picture of what's at & nbsp; your height will force the rest that & # 39; t it's doing & # 39; a moment that takes place, in contrast to something that should be felt by the public in retrospect, in & # 39; especially that their final course of action ends a catastrophic expense, even if no one could find fault with them for choosing it like it did.

Like May Your name, Shinkai not only directed Weather with youbut also wrote the script of "movie", and perhaps a second pair of eyes might have suggested to set these conflicts a bit deeper, perhaps actually the secondary reason Hodaka and Hina go on & # 39; a flight, they already have a natural storm on disaster level and childcare researchers are investigating the cinematic tension. As personal conflicts of Keisuke and Natsumi serve their characters alternatively, they also fall into the background and get resolved off-screen, to Hodaka and Hina's story of the attention of & # 39; asks for a movie, which makes them feel more like TV series B-plots than part of a feature film. Even right Your name is a weirdly revoked denial, which is glaring over a number of questions about the movie that you just crawl into your mind, while taking an extra quiet way to stay in the only place that can go to the keyboard .

On the other hand, The chairs of the director and scriptwriter mean the same thing when Weather with you goes Shinkai, it goes to Shinkai maximum. Wine smells literally. Lightning pounded the earth. Lovers run so hard and as much as their legs and hearts will not only wear them, but us. On the Critic is the most breathtaking, fluid-flowing animated sequence of & # 39; a movie, the soundtrack even bursts in applause, and only the most reverent cynicism would really be upset about what a technically an audio-based cheat is, but one that perfectly fits what is happening at that moment in the public's collective spirit.

The wisdom with which Weather with you does his conflict really make a mixed bag, but when it comes time to solve them? It does this with all the power and determination of a sudden, the screen drunk with raw emotion that shines in the sun and drips, a wet, clean catharsis, with the promise of warm light to cope.

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