Sunday , May 16 2021

Bilahari begins criticism of Singapore by Mahathir's party strategist Rais Hussin, Asia News & Top Stories

The criticism of Singapore's attitude to the maritime borders of a senior member of # 39; The political party of Malaysian Minister Mahathir Mohamad is "very typical", which reports that Malaysia expected "subordination of our interests to their interests", diplomat Bilahari Kausikan.

In a Facebook post he shares an article in which Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) highest councilor Rais Hussin said, Singapore will get nothing from their position against Malaysia in control of navy- and airways.

According to Dr Rais, Malaysia has taken a live-and-live live approach to Singapore, and a "naked display of nationalism", as the Republic show in conflict would be in Malaysia .

Dr. Rais also includes PPBM's policy and strategic office.

Mr Bilahari gave his comment on the post: "They have not recorded – and never want to – try singing or international Singapore, to not want them to do, the intense shortcomings of a system based on & # 39; the dominance of a particular race, especially to make it better with another system. "

He adds: "If we accept an acceptable position, can we stay alive? Is the existence of the loss and benefit of what other countries are acceptable?" That's what the nature of the requirements is. "

Therefore, a small country would never deal with the way the larger neighbors were in love, he said.

In a piece written in English and written about the Malaysian Mail and Malaysiakini websites, said Dr Rais: "All is nothing that Singapore is hardening on the status of Malaysia against things like maritime borders .

"It helps to create a spider in a spear that may be enough, can be a knee that drives against the spin cord of both countries."

He said: "What are some of the faces?" Singapore and Malaysia know that wars are intended to make a soul of all children of their respective populations. "

Singapore reported that Malaysian ships were imported and stayed in the territorial waters of the Tuas Republic, requiring Kuala Lumpur to be charged on 25 October as an extension of the port of Johor Baru.

Malaysia has indicated that the plan was to respond to respiratory airspace to Delhi and also protest against new flying procedure that would be introduced in the coming month in Seletar Airport, saying that this stunt development of the Pasir Gudang industrialist in Johor would be.

Dr. Rais wrote: "Malaysia has taken a live-and-live live approach with Singapore, knowing that Singapore is good enough not to fight for a war on its airspace."

Dr. Rais is to find out by writing: "There is nothing to win by threatening to intervene Malay ships in Malaysian or Singapore watershed. Singapore will suffer from a thousand cuts.

"But when Singapore feels that his 2019 election is the perfect time to fly his muscles, Singapore would know that such a nude display of nationalism is bound to do the same to the Malaysians."

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