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Barcelona signs napkin deal with Messi


Barcelona's La Masia Academy has produced some of the best players in the world.

The academy was limited to producing certain talents that shook global football because certain rules were broken.

In particular, the bold symbols on the back of the coach room door are: "If you give us a younger player less than 1.8 meters, turn around and go home."

Fringe players like Andreas Iniesta, Xavi, Pedro and Lionel Messi could not have passed the academy.

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But Johan Cryuff, who started his business career in 1988 when Messi was still a toddler, shook the signal.

"He believed that talent was the key and height was pointless." Former Nou Camp coach Laureano Ruiz said.

"Small players have bigger advantages than big players. They can start, stop and turn quickly … the best players are all small."

The attitude of the Dutch was made for Messi and his likes, and that single action gave the Catalonians massive results in 16 years.

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"I had a big reconnaissance network in South America and one of them was only 12 years old in Rosario, but he was unique." Describes Josep Maria Minguella in Ball a Pass ball, a new documentary about Pep Guardala's reign of Barcelona.

"These days clubs have invested in young people, but that did not happen. It was not easy, but Charly Rexach helped and we decided to bring him in."

Former Barcelona manager Rexach, who is responsible for doing more to bring Messi to Messi and Ramacia (Europe) "I always said it was an honor to bring Messi to the club.

"A small part of his arrival was that I kept on nagging until we signed him.

"Then when I told him to go to the board and sign a 12 – year – old child, his first response would be to say it again in eight years, but I said, He should be good, he is very good and one day he will not believe it. "

"It was already clear that Mesh was not in this world at the time."

Messi and his parents flew from Argentina to Barcelona and waited for a month to make an agreement.

And the contract was a graffiti from a napkin to convince his parents that his son would have a career with the club.

"I told Rexach that I needed to write a letter because my parents were here a month ago, and I relieved them, but there was no official agreement" Minguella says.

"We were at the Pompeia Tennis Club in Montjuic and there was a napkin on the table and Charly Rexach brought the card and said," I have confirmed that Carles Rexach, Presidential Advisor, has the qualities necessary to sign Leo Messi to FC Barcelona. & # 39;

"He signed and signed. We still have napkins, but they are kept safe in the bank because they need delicate care."

Messi has been involved in years of scenarios and has acknowledged that gambling clubs have brought him to the academy.

"No one wanted to risk me with me." Five times Ballon d '# 39; Or the winner says now. "Signing up with such a child and bringing it to Barcelona was a big gamble.

"Charly Rexach made it and came to see me playing with Barca telling me I wanted it because of the coach I wanted to sign with him and me.

"It was hard at first, everything was new since I was a kid, I left my family, friends, and my country.

At the time, Xavi had already debuted for La Blaugrana's first team a few years later, after Messi entered the first XI, the rest became the leader of the historic team.

"One of my friends worked at a youth school when Messi was 14 or 15 years old." He recalls. "I always asked him about the children, asking which children were good, who was special, who was going to the first team.

"I remembered that he had this Argentinean kid and he said he had never seen anyone with the talent he had.

"When Messi began training with us at the age of sixteen, we all realized he was special."

In 2005, when Argentina was only 18 years old, the rest of Europe realized what a few people already knew.

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Fabio Capello has asked for a loan for teenagers after Barcelona have played a pre-season game against Juventus at the Gamba Cup.

But Frank Rijkaard refused to train him as well as his successor, Pep Guardiola, for the next few years, helping Messi reach his climax.

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