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5 U-20 player who is more worthwhile than Cristiano Ronaldo was at the same age


As Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester United in # 39; a season 2003/04 signed, made his $ 12.24 million (€ 13.58m) remuneration the youngest teenager in English football history.

He would take up a name and took the jacket of the most expensive player in # 39; the world then he was signing up for Real Madrid.

However, there are some TV shows (and not just from their boys), the value of the Portuguese at the same age.

Let's see how they are …

Kylian Mbappe – 19 – Value € 186.5m

If someone Ronaldo and Lionel Messi's coat as the best player in & # 39; the world will be, Kylian will be.

At just 19, the French star has already won a World Cup with a goal in # 39; the final, and he has all the attributes to regulate the game for years.

He is also nephew Neymar on his club side, PSG, and that's no significance.

Pace, does, for a purpose, the boy has the whole thing. Is it great that his astronomical value goes up to the 200 meter barrier?

Worth every penny.

Marcus Rashford – 20 – worth € 97.5m

One can argue that Marcus Rashford has his best soccer ball at this time, but that's so much to do with Jose Mourinho's way to do something else.

See the difference in Manchester United striker if he looks like an English shirt.

A player who was determined to go straight to this top, this random local brother has made an impact in every match he has debuted.

Playing a similar role to Ronaldo or United, Rashford does not have the "bells and pistols" after his game, like Portuguese, but he is no less effective than in the mood.

The type of player to sit or sit in the seat, which is a rare quality.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 19 – € 72.8m

A player who really has everything.

Just like an arch-wheelchair Alexander-Arnold went through games with easy, and what we have seen from Liverpool's defender in his career, is the title of # the value of the world worth the value.

The supporters of Reds know their football club and can be tough, but the fact that Alexander-Arnold is the young player of the Year Award of # 39; The year has shown for the last two seasons that he is well-valued.

Now a fully required member of England seniors, there is no question how much this young man can play in the game.

Gianluigi Donnarumma – 19 – € 67.5m

Three months away from his 20thth Donnarumma is a capital in AC Milan and the Italian national team for a time now.

An imposing figure at 6 meters and 5 inches high, the boy has the luxury of youth fearlessness.

How can you also explain the huge consequence and high level of performance on the largest stage over the last seasons.

A few bad presents did not get so long ago, but that was more of his agenda than the player who escaped from his beloved Milan.

His value is conservative as you consider he will likely go further than the others in this list.

Federico Chiesa – 20 – € 63m

Born in Genoa, Chiesa is a star of the current Fiorentina page and the Italian national team. Used normally as an intruder, he can also play as a major or a midfield attack.

Its diversity is one of its gaming powers, along with its tenacity, will win, and high level of quality output.

Chiesa has a very small amount. he is that I'm good. The cheapest valuable rating on this particular list, but probably is at the time much worthwhile, much more in the future.

Do not be surprised that he was abolished earlier in the Premier League.

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