Wednesday , March 29 2023

& # 39; Spider-Man PS4 & # 39; & # 39; Turf Wars & # 39; DLC, confirmed this month as a new villain


All three content packs that Insomniac Games can download Spiderman of the Incredible Before the end of the year, we thought it would not be long before we heard about the next pack in the last month. burglar. And now we are.


According to a new report from IGN, the following content that can be downloaded from the game is called: Grass war, Will be released this month on November 20th.

Below is a description of the DLC based on the list popped up from the previous Reddit. "From the new DLC to Hammerhead's ass head, Non-Sleeping City: Lawn War. Available from November 20th at PlayStation Store. "

Insomniac Games or Sony did not formally announce the DLC, but given the launch in less than two weeks, they will see the DLC right now. This image can be seen below.

Spiderman 2

(Photo: Reddit)

IGN has verified its content with its own copy of the game, and can safely speak after it has been scanned. The adventure is likely to last only a few days and is like a hammerhead in tow.

It is likely that Hammerhead's relationship with organized crime will take part in the storyline as it did in the main shared universe of comics. The character made his debut at the beginning. Amazing Spider Man # 113 In October 1972, he is giving him a big headache. He is a member of the Hammerhead Family and a Maggia crime family who has no doubt to live in a city.

As for his reconstructed skull, he was wounded and then restored using a non-ferrous alloy – hence the headache part of his persona.

And on the screen above you will see Hammerhead's in-game image. It is easy to make a scar on his forehead, although not very detailed. And there is no question that if he matches his friendly neighbor, Web Slinger, he will run again. (Or hospital admission)

We need to know more about DLC sooner or later and prepare a debut trailer where Hammerhead will appear!

Spiderman of the Incredible PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Check out our review!

(Hat tip to IGN for head tip!)

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