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What you saw in & # 39; woman, you will try & # 39; The motivation of a drinker from Nis killed three shrubs


NIS22 Slavoljub Pavlovic won three leaves on the right side of & nbsp; the skull photo Branko JanackovicPhoto: BRANKO JANACKOVIC / RAS Serbia

The seller Slavoljub Pavlovic, 62, from Nisha, was marvelously left to leave and only small injuries to the community, Nikola A. (28) on Monday Monday in Durlemanarkt, three times with a sharp side of # 39 ; the hook in the head hit.

Pavlovic has survived 18 years ago so that headlines can have an unmovable impact, but now, he smiled without any serious and life-threatening injuries.

Bloody clothes Slavoljub Pavlovic received him at the time of attackPhoto: BRANKO JANACKOVIC / RAS Serbia
Bloody clothes Slavoljub Pavlovic received him at the time of attack

He determined that the attack was "unlucky" until the acquisition attempted to assassination along with his evidence.

– I was at my place at Durlan Market where I greet myself. I only know the fight to see how he nails and produces fruit in a market that he offers to sellers for the purchase, and who will take it when know where. He went over my screen with a woman. After five meters he stopped and returned.

He asked me without reason: "What do you see in my wife?" Want to visit me now? "I responded tirelessly to one of the busses, but also that no one was shocked by me, so he would not, but he was trying to provoke us so that after the exit of # 39. I was standing next to each other, so I asked him, "You want me to write, now you can shake me, I did not come here to fight," says Slavoljub's head to the attack in connection.

Slavoljub Petrovic knocked the ball over the barPhoto: BRANKO JANACKOVIC / RAS Serbia
Slavoljub Petrovic knocked the ball over the bar

Because Nikola did not attack here, Slavoljub succeeded in returning to his dissertation.

– I thought it was over. However, before my testament the woman was with him. Then they began to provoke me, "What do you see me? Do you not know what pedofile?" I also told her to see each other coming through my showroom and going out of my chair when I heard my colleague next to me, warning me, "Watch Calais." When I was told that his wife just wanted to learn from me and gave me up, but it was late. I felt the blocks on the right side of my head.

Slavoljub says that the striker has hit two or three times the stubborn side of the hook and started to stop. He also said that his skin was likely to lower the leaves.

– I got my bloody head and went to the police station on the street to report the attack. He stood on his side and stayed with me and roared: "Come, come …" I stayed adequately on the scene of & # 39; The injuries that can be seen in appetite I have had on myself – says Slavoljub.

Slavoljub with a pistol of a head acceleration to the attack Photo: BRANKO JANACKOVIC / RAS Serbia
Slavoljub with a pistol of a head acceleration to the attack

He went to the police station and reported an attack, and then he was sent to the Emergency Center KC in Niš for further diagnosis and care.

– Care, I do not go to the left, so I had a stroke in 2000 when my anesthetized brain was expanded, and from that point I had a plastic plate and a net in the head – gave Slavoljub.

When we learn, look for the police to Nikolai A. (28) from Nis because he trusts Slavoljub, he was hit by a head with his head.

Although the injuries sustained by Slawoljub Lake, the Higher Prosecutor Office in Niš became a tried murder.

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