Saturday , July 31 2021

Westbrook and George attacked, Lilard does not break

The Portland Trail Blade Players Basketball Team leaves in & # 39; the first round of & # 39; a stage in the series against Oklahoma City after they beat 104: 99 rivals in their first match.

Damian Lillard

Abbie Parr / Getty Images

The Oregon team leaves in the whole match, and in & # 39; The middle of the second period was the advantage over 15 points. Oklahoma, however, did not give a lecture and made an uncertain duel, which was defeated by Demiyan Lillard in a finish of safe free manner.

It was probably popular that Dame added the most effective player of the winning team with 30 points (9/21 of the game, 7/8 donations) and 4 rebels and assistants, and 24 points by his fellowship Si-Jay McLaughlin. Turksintrum Enes Kanter had 20 points and 18 rebels.

The lost team scored the most points by Paul George 26 (8/24 of the game) with 10 rebounds, and the organizer of the game Rasel Westbrook had a three-valley with 24 points and 10 rebels and visited. New Zealand stadtholder Stephen Adams has 17 points and 9 four balls to be found.

The next match of the series over the program is in & # 39; a night between Tuesday and Wednesday and is also played in Portland.

In the night between Saturday and Sunday Orlando Medikik succeeded the Toronto Repertoire with the Di-Ogastin Trojan.

It's Brooklyn made a break away from Philadelphia.

Golden State Warriors are They made victory easily against Clippers.

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