Thursday , June 1 2023

(Video) Maria, release the Zelkiko dam! Monster-like curse Jelena Golubovic "Cooperative"


Golubovic blamed Mary and Miljan for ruining her food, and a terrible assertion began, and the older Kulicka gave her wildly back.
Shut up, baby! You have curved legs and crazy hair! Miljana escaped because of the last cooperative. You have no one in the world. You will never have a child. You will still bury your mother and grandmother and you will be left alone. Damn it!

Jelena then jumped into a dirty person:
Did you allow your daughter to become pregnant? I took my baby's life. You are the mother you told my family. You laugh at me that I will not have children. Now, let this child die of you. You should not experience a year. And I will bury my husband, children, everything!

Then the two began to cough, but the security team responded immediately and prevented the fight.
Your daughter is in the bathroom. They pumped her and kicked her down. No one was pregnant. At least I was true. – She whispered to Jelena that Kelica had brushed her.

– I am jealous of Miljan because no one will do so. You had sex in the barn.

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