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(Video) Ivan and Karad José Beryli, Alexandra is in a crisis of nervous breakdown: do you need AVATE ?!


Karadjordje asked Ivan and she supported and celebrated all the cooperatives except Alexandra, her daughter.

– We are here to formulate and believe in our love. I want to trust you and to love our love. Karađorđe put Ivani's ring in his arm and said.

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Mina accepted the engagement and celebrated her mother and future ocu while Aleksandra Subotić was on the brink of nervous breakdown:

I do not know why you laugh so paradoxically. I will not send anything. I found my boyfriend and built something with him for a few days. I hate the ruin I know this is going to happen. I could get out of here. Why did you come to court? Did you get a job for me? You believe two months – I shouted Alexander.

I've never intervened in your love. Karadjordje replied to his daughter.

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– And you, ma'am, do not tell me you did not get trained in our lives. I am his daughter. Damn it! – She cried.

– Get out if you do not like it. – Ivana said.

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Once Alexandra began to cry and scream. She sacrificed a series of lies and insults at production, and testified that everything was extreme. Look at the shape shown below.

(Video) Think of winter! The big boss told colleagues to prepare something special. Blondi wants to see GAGI!

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