Saturday , February 4 2023

(Video) I look for TOBOM! The moon called to the ear. He did not remove the smile from his face. Then I confessed.


Luna participated in the cooperative's second season and Mark is a close friend. Because of their relationship, many comets are not quite friendly, and the flames are very prominent.

Luna and Marco spend each moment together. It is incredible that laughter decorates their relationship. Also, the sympathy born with these cooperatives is visible day by day.

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In other words, Luna and Marco sat alone in the bedroom and talked, and then a very exciting song, Ene Popov's "Naive", smiled on his face as if he had lightened the sky in his colleague, Miljkovic.

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– If your heart pauses because of your soft touch, I lose control again. I feel urination on my lips. You are burning me all night, we do not get any smaller. Ask if I want to be with you. Naive, Naive, I will be there only for you. Do not remove the sky from the stars. You do not have to. I just do not be naive to kiss my lips. I'm crazy about you. Crazy. You do not see it – I called the moon.

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Marku liked this song very much, and many people have thought about joining the co-op in this song.

Marco discovered how he felt while the moon was isolated.

– You miss my code alone – Marco admitted.

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