Friday , July 30 2021

Trifunovic: I ask for all Hungarians, it was a lapsus

The president of the Free Citizens Movement, Sergei Trifunovic, refused for all Hungarians for the "Impression of the Sunday" show at & # 39; a TV show "All of the Hungarians" for an explanation of "the settlement of Syria and Hungarians in Serbia" at a protest "One in five million" in Belgrade. bio lapsus.

Trifunovic said at the beginning of the protest that all citizens of Serbia, including the Hungarians, and his statement were round, were "he" think more often when he says. & # 39;

"From 23 minutes of the discussion about Serbia's failure, they saw one round," Trifunovic said. The resignation of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to Hungary in Serbia (as well as Hong Kong Prime Minister Viktor Orban) is "another bad act".

He said there were no problems with multiculturalism and that he was born in Mostar, which is a multicultural place, whereby the Hungarians in Serbia have three dictators and that they are Vucic, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and President of & The meeting of Vojvodina Istvan Pastor ".

Trifunovic said the protests "shook shakes and the rats began to flee" and added that he earlier said nothing would come on April 13.

"My strongest impression is one true, complete day in which about 70,000 and 80,000 people arrive, according to some estimates," said Trifunovic, "so many 7,500 people do not come as Vucic claims".

He said it was "a wonderful and wonderful day then" that Serbia has courage, and added that the government was working to "hinder the rise of people to protest".

Trifunovic said Serben were "learned" at the leader and leaders and instead had to create a system. "I am not interested in Vucic, I am interested in the concept of Serbia as he goes and what to do if he goes away," Trifunovic said.

Talk about the current cover page of "telephonic politics," where he stated "the dictionary of Trifunovic was disappointed by", he says the party is "spoiled for an earlier serial page" ".

Trifunovic said he, as a politician, had to change rhetoric and said that people were "a little bit of pleasure".

Police spokesperson Boban Stojanovic said the number of demonstrations in the street was uplifted by the authorities, and by four and a half months, they read in readiness and demanded it. He said that now it is necessary to enter into the negotiation process and that Vucic must come to a negotiating table at a number of points.

"Soars or later the SNS will have to sit down for the negotiation table," Stojanovic said.

Also speaking of the current site of Politics, he has rated it as the page's page of the tabloid. Stojanovic said that Trifunovic's performance did not have a big number because he was a lot of curses, and that he would count on the expression as a politician and a public figure. He judges that a bad economic situation and poverty "Vucic has for what he has today".

Politician Dusko Radosavljevic said it is not a problem how many voices get, but what are their ideas, such as what is with the authority they have. Radosavljevic said he did not believe in the pressure of an international community on Vucic, because he has no policy.

The complete social structure is ruin, he said. "Just needed to break the fear," he said, telling the protest.

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