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They won WILD WOMAN men in diplomacy A boy and a girl who was killed in a terrible accident will not be buried together


milos natasaPhoto: Facebook / private archive

Milos Nikolic (25) and Natasa Belcevic (21), a young couple killed in a battle of a jeep and a bus at the junction of Visnjicka Street and the Mirijevski Boulevard, Four years leave for an eternal holiday.

Milos from the city of Slanci was buried yesterday in # 39; a member of his family, friends and acquaintances at a local cemetery in that city, while the funeral of his girlfriend Natasa Balcevic finds herself on Monday in Veliko Selo, where she is from this young girl.

Milos Nikolic and Natasa BelcevicPhoto: Facebook / private archive
Milos Nikolic and Natasa Belcevic

The relationship lasted four years, according to the words of her friends and friends, full of love, and the two were not distinguished. They planned to combine marriage with a marriage, when Natasha graduated from the board, but the plans fled into # 39; The night was between Thursday and Friday at 15.30 when the jeep ran through Milos in a bus on line 32N.

Milos and Natasha died on the spot, and bus and convoy were also injured.

According to the first unspecified information, the crash was unlimited speed, and Milosa all with a different jeep was instantly crashed after a crash. The eyes of the eyes then began to say that the handbag on & # 39; The cellphone was 180, and that what was seen in the place could indicate a high level of attention.

This tragedy made Slanci and Veliko Selo in black, around, as the local and both communities spoke, were great young people.

Photo: RTS / screenshot

Natasha studied from College Board and her parents had trouble getting it. Therefore, they kept their unity good, but they did not really. Families of her family say that Natasha's parents do not agree with her and Milos's relationship.

On another side, Milo was a worthy guy and helped his parents as much as he could. His neighbors told he was very present, and that he had not lost his job, and that he turned the wood, to try again.

His mother works as an average seller on a market, and his father suffers from diabetes, making his leg as amputated. Milos and his brother opened a cafe in the city where he lived, and the neighbors say he just recently bought a jeep that sent him to death.

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