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The wife of the cleaning of # 39; The earth of fish has joined her! The horror of the apartment has begun by a sweetheart! He hangs himself, and she has invented knight! | Black Chronicle

Twenty-four-year-old K. M. from Belgrade was arrested on suspicion that on 7 December, my friend J. N. (24) was killed in Zemun, after he had tried to hang! Everything succeeded by stranger, to find out that the boy might have misled her.

It meant that the drama started in his apartment in Zemun at midnight, while K. M.J. N. put in the street while he was in # 39; The shop was, as all of them discovered in love design.

– They used the time, packed all their possessions and sent them in the center of the forefront. When he returned, he saw the lions in front, and the front was closed, everything was clear to him. He relaxed to hear and try to explain what they could do, but they did not want to hear him – says the Belgrade media.

J. N. then he doubted the plan thought, and waited in the corridor that K. M. came out.

– The girl opened the door two hours later to check what had happened to the young man, and then kicked her and raped her in the move. They started to argue, and he came in the bathroom and closed the door – says the conversation.

She states that the real drama just started.

– The young man took his sweatshirt, offered one piece to the part of the shower, and the other was spread over. the neck and attempt to hang himself. Also, they saw what happened, took K. a keukermuie, flew into the bathroom and fished the trainer. Then she put in a living room and held a knife in & # 39; The weapon on a corner – says the conversation.

Photo: Vlada Šporčić

Perhaps convinced to kill himself, J. N. went to K. M. in an attempt to take her knife and shame her.

– After a brief struggle he saw that he remained. They immediately paid their clothes, drank the mice, took the dressing room, called the taxi and lead to the hospital – adds a call.

The young doctor was diagnosed with serious injuries, one of which is a stick in the left in the left.

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