Friday , July 23 2021

The life in a world is possible

Life on Mars, even in the Universe is possible. This has been demonstrated by the results of an experiment conducted at the International Space Station (MSS). In such extreme circumstances, only the strongest backbones can survive, and more complex forms of life do not have very good perspectives in that sense.

Is it life on Mars? This question has long been of interest to researchers and ordinary people. In 2020, a Russian-European smart robot arrives in Mars to find the ultimate answer, but the answer to & # 39; the ability of life on a red planet has already been found in & # 39; An earthquake at the International Space Station, where in "periods from 2014 to 2016," Biomeks "has conducted an experiment with 30 scientific institutes. The results show that in extreme areas of the open universe and the sphere of Mars, some forms of life can survive. The victory of these organisms runs 80 percent.

"The whole life tree was presented to the station." Many old bacteria (argea), cyanobacteria, algae, pills, corpses and bryophytes have to fight for MSS survival, "says Sputnik Astrobiologist of the German Aerospace Center Jean Pierre de Vera.

The experiment yielded inconsistent results: complex forms of life are less authoritative in so extreme conditions.

"Letters were badly wounded, but one leaf survived, and it is not clear if it can be used to get new cells," says De Vera. "The comparable results were with bodies, but everything was the most simple organism: more than one cell organism had much more & # 39; participants in & # 39; experiment – between 60 and 70 percent some groups as 80 percent, "says the scientist.

How about Mars?

"At the space station, we mention the terms of Mars to see how the organisms can survive under these conditions and whether they can be left with sufficient living capacity using appropriate equipment," Sputnik's conversation says. "Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemev have put samples of organisms on a special platform in the outer area of ​​a Russian service module" Zvezda "," De Vera explains.

The samples were locked from open space through the glass so as not to split and lose the gap.

"But the glass does not protect against cosmic radiation, and besides, there was a space vacuum on the platform, some of which were excluded from Mars to earn the terms of & # 39; experiments with & # 39 the right Mars, "said the astrobiologist.

"Biomeks experiment would answer the question whether Mars is a scientific planet and whether it is possible with the equipment that we are sending to the red planet in the Ekomars program, the existence of living organisms confirm this, "says De Vera.

The conclusion of & # 39; a researcher is as follows:

"We can already determine that it is necessary to search for life on Mars, because there are earthly organisms that may be the conditions of Mars, especially those of their surroundings, the soil.

In addition, scientists could try in a biomex experiment with a technique that would seek life on Mars. They have shown that they can effectively limit the biosignature.

Sputnik's interlocutor talks about the scientific work involved in interplanetary transfer of life.

"We know that Mars meteorites are the ones that fall into the earth, that is a kind of material reference between us. Therefore we ask if Mars had been inhabited in the past and whether it was possible that it was alive material once arrived on our planet and could develop it further, "he says.

A theory, such organism, must survive the journey for much longer than a year and a half of the duration of & # 39; e experiment. Sitting in the open universal would lie for thousands of years. Therefore, according to De Vera, further research is needed on the longing victory of the universe. For example, baking can be planted at month's end, but the result would only be applied after a long period.

"We want to run our platform at & ldquo; month in & nbsp; future," says the astrobiologist, who offers a & nbsp; program in & # 39; a European space international.

In addition, another experiment is being planned for the year 2022, with & # 39; the earth's organisms from & # 39; depths & # 39; expanding the sea into space conditions.

"The essence is that in our Solar System to be Jupiter and Saturn are many satellites, which are the source of a substance that does not appear in the space of a source substance and complex organic molecules. We do not yet know what it is, but this is what "It can also look at the existence of life in one universe," Sputnik's interlocutor says.

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