Thursday , March 30 2023

The age spoke of a horrific picture of a girl!


He commented on a terrible video from a minor … Era Ojdanic

In other words, Ojdanic made several statements about the strange launching of the whole body with the sentence in the whole body.

This video sent Era Ojdanic's girlfriend to a 17-year-old girl, to whom did she go?

– I love you. What do you say, huh? You saw who was watching you … Would you pull it up from above? Look at the eggs … and see how it shines. See how you woke up, crazy. You can only wait until you wet it with your lips. Well, is that crazy? – Era talked about recording.

After that, Ojdanić first mentioned installation.

– A miracle like a montage, madness, my mother! – The age told me first.

Photo: Printskrin

Ojdanic video showing the whole body … Age

After hearing his voice clearly about the recording and seeing his face, the age said:

– Everything is possible, and now I do not know. I called. I was in service, but I can not remember having a piston in the gallery. That's all. "He said.

For our question, does he recite that he recorded such content?

– I can not remember it at all! I do not know. I do not remember at all. This seems to be a kind of installation. Anyway my ears hurt!

And when he heard that the video was made recently and that the minors had been sent, Ojdanic began defending himself with amnesia and dementia.

– I do not know, believe me. I have no idea how it came to her, and I can not remember anything. "

When he asked if he had contact with girls under 18, he responded sharply.

– No, whatever! Do not … take care of me. I happen to be a person who, by chance, never wants to touch the law, especially to the youth. That's not it! – explained Ojdanic.

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