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SUPPORTLASIKO SUPPORT: More than 50,000 fans in the training of Boke juniors | Football


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November 23, 2018 09:07 |

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The great euphoria in Argentina, before the most important game in history, was not split by the supporters of Boca. Still 10,000 fans left for the stadium

Around 50,000 Boke Junior supporters have joined the training team to support revenge against the largest rivals River Plate for the South American Championship Trophy.

An enormous euphoria in Argentina, especially the most important matches in Superclassics history, was not successful once the supporters of Boca on & # 39; the states of the famous Bombers were in training.

When the Argentine "Ole" writes, the stadium had formerly formed foreign shapes, and even 10,000 of them had to be refused to bomb the Bombonera.

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The training also resulted in the fall of fans in the field, won by the safety and the police, but Carlos Tevez called him out of # 39; hands and gave him a cupboard with him.

The Copa Libertadores's Revans Finals are Monday at 21:00, and in the first game at Bombonera 2: 2.

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