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SERBIA SURVIVEN BY PAKAO, BALIHE PRETE VRANJEŠU: We will kill your children and your wife!

The Bali went all the way because it was announced that the representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Serb of Banja Luka, on the right hand the picture of # a military leader of Chetnik Momcilo Djujic.
They think more that Ognjen will be suspended from the national team, and of the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina they have been condemned to "stoking behavior of Vranjes".

The Alliance condemned him

He has no bullets

No one will use my own and I respect others
Ognjen Vranješ

The source of Informera, very close to the previous Red Star player, played for 2009-2011, says Banjaluan for his life and life for all family members.

The firefighter and his family, Danijela's wife and daughter, threaten death, why everyone is in anxiety. He had to watch Instagram profile profile for the spiritual messages he received from Bosnia fans. Refusal to destroy Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Tattoo Djujic – The source close to the speaker.

Vranješ, however, has his tattoo six months with his right hand, but the audience has just visited Djujic's character. Under the unprecedented pressure of fans had to announce the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the reaction of # The selector, Kroes Robert Prosinečki, who is currently in health by health problems, still waits.

Romanticism with Katarina Grujic

Ognjen Vranješ was in the center of attention in May this year when he sang in a romance with singer Katarina Grujić. The two of them do not hide the connection, although the Banjaluan was married for many years. Yet, new love has only lasted for a couple of months. They previously connected the fire fighting with the family Ksenija Bujisic and singer Dara Bubamara.

Invalid messages and tattoos Vranješ has canceled the reputation of the league and the national team. We sharpen the shocking behavior and all forms of 'fascination of the fascism and its followers to not have their messages in # 39; The spirit of values ​​we stand for – Says FS BiH, without any specific information, whether Vranješ was punished, suspended or suspended from the national team.

Three and a half years ago, Vranješ has already undergone a very sedentary situation today. Then he left the area of ​​Republika Srpska, but after months of injuries and pressure he had to overwrite the tattoo.

I never renamed this tattoo, although my family threatened. This is my attitude, no one will use my own. I respect others, I love you – says Vranjes just.

They stand silent

The Serb of Banja Luka never won the sympathy of the Muslims of Bosnia ever really. So two weeks ago, despite a great game against Austria (0: 0) in Vienna in the League of Nations, he did not come after the match to welcome the forum to fans.

The evening he played the entire game in # 33, which is not his primary. He played a minor, with an increased temperature of 38 and a sinus sinus. To & # 39; s end of & # 39; The race he had nothing to do with it, but only thinking about how to rest and rest. So he went to the room, instead of 's standards – adds the source of the instructor.

The meeting of VRANJEŠ FO FAZIZAM OF ALEXANDER VOJVODA ĐUJIĆA! The football club Bosnia and Herzegovina transferred to the Serb

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