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Serbia – SLAVNI BRAZILAC in Real Madrid: Ronaldinho has arrived in Belgrade! | Soccer


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November 7, 2018 23:10 |

PSG, Barcelona, ​​a former soccer player in Milan arrived in cooperation with Mozart, the capital of Serbia.

Ronaldino of Belgrade! No, it is not an engagement for one of the two largest Serbian clubs, but a collaboration with "Mocartsport", a company that is in charge of the entry of famous Brazilian soccer players in the Serbian capital.

Former soccer players PSG, Barcelona and Milan arrived in Belgrade in 23 hours and photo journalists and journalists who made the name of the famous Brazilian Ace reporters headed to the hotel.

Ronaldinho put on a Brazilian jersey for 14 years, scored 33 goals in 97 games and scored 100 goals in Europe, PSG, Barcelona and Milan. He has a career in Fluminense in 2015.

Photo: N. Paraušić

Photo: N. Paraušić

Photo: N. Paraušić

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