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Serbia 900 euro in this city is a low general election and FALI IM 60 workers. Director: Milenko: Did you say that when we let the candidate work tomorrow morning, the majority must get up early? | news


Serbia 900 euro in this city is a low general election and FALI IM 60 workers. Director: Milenko: Did you say that when we let the candidate work tomorrow morning, the majority must get up early?

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BELGRADE / KLADOVO – Fabric requires 60 workers. Average salary – 900 Euros. All employees are registered and pay all taxes and contributions properly …

When this ad is displayed, most people will think the ad is from abroad. But this is "Kladovo Shipyard" since 2009.

It is written Večernje novosti as a member of the Dutch company Gebr de Jonge.

– The shipyard employs 384 workers, 170 of whom are Romanian citizens, said Milenko Lepovic, the company's director. – There are always open advertisements for another 60 workers – welders and brokers.. However, since we do not have workers, we must work with similar companies.

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The daring person says that in this clutch company the cleaner earns about 40,000 Dinars a month and the average total salary is close to 900 euros. Nevertheless, the workers – no.

– This year we have signed a production and delivery agreement with 12 tankers – Lepovic says. – However, if skilled technicians are available, we can immediately sign contracts for the other ten boats, as the production facilities make us fully available.

Your buddy explains that you need to provide additional workforce urgently because you need a job, and other shipyards ask for help.

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– Until recently, 34 employees from Indonesia worked at Kladovo "Shipyard" – says Lepovic. – Now the business is resumed and now another 22 workers in Turkey are expected to help us. To finish the work on time, the company had to do some work at another shipyard in Serbia.

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– Be careful of those expressing the desire to work here. We accept it. Describe the person in charge of the "shipyard". – But this job is not for everyone. It is difficult to work because I work three shifts a year 365 days a year.

Although we are now dealing with the "income" of workers from Turkey and Indonesia, Lepovic hopes to help secure a large number of workers in the near future, even though they have signed a bilateral training agreement with Kladovo's technical school.

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"We miss the breed, but if we start working in our company, we can work for one of these workers to qualify to do it in a matter of months," says Lepovic. – There is a bigger problem for the parenthooder because the good worker of this job kisses for at least five years.

Workers from Romania are employed in "shipyards". Every day they cross the Danube and work for Kladovo in their home country, which is a member of the European Union.

"It's a challenge," says Nikolae Tobescu, a broom manager for feed production from Kladovo who works daily at Turnu Severin, Romania. – Summer and winter, sun and snow … I've been here for over 10 years.

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Nevertheless, Toby does not tell you about wages. He just says he is satisfied. We get the same answer from his countryman, Jon Vrastar, welder, working in Kladovo from Oršava, Romania.

– Previously it was a shipyard in Arashava, but after a while I did not want to waste valuable time.

– I have been working here for many years and I am very happy.

At "shipyard", it looks like anthill. Everyone knows their job well and their staff act as a well trained team.

"Right," Lepovic concluded. – We can keep fighting and working. Nobody pays us a salary. In short, we must earn …

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Recently, the company has started to invite people who have applied for the competition when they announced ads to advertise workers and got a list of people interested in the job.

– I can not believe it, but it is true. Lepovic is strange. – When most stakeholders said that they would work tomorrow at 6 am, most responded, "Too early to happen at that time."

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