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Secular 150 years of National Teater Culture


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November 22, 2018 22:12 |

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BELGRADE – The 150th anniversary of the National Theater in Belgrade is being held on Thursday by the solemn academy and the annual award.

In the complete National Theater, the public was addressed by the director Ivana Vujic, the appointed director of the National Theater Director.

"It's inconvenient for me to set this scene on the 150th anniversary of our largest and most humane cultural and educational institute, and I am grateful for the commitment of more than 1,000 collaborations and we have every night for all 1000 spectators play, "said Vujic.

She went on the stage with director Jasmin Trumbetas Petrović, ballet director Konstantin Kostyukov and other associates and said it was not enough to serve the theater but to love.

The feast of the 150th anniversary of the National Theater was prescribed by a one-month crisis that was managed by a recent change of manager, as the actor Nela Mihailović awarded the prize "Rasa Plaović "after the role of Danica Čvorović in & # 39; The game "Balkanski spijun" was directed by Tanja Mandić Rigonat.

"The National Theater is my memorial for 25 years.The synonyms for this word are the center, core, heart, soul, home, existence, heritage, home, country, mother, as many artists, producers, organizers, make-artists , soufflers, decorations, props, masters of light, masters of lights, skimmers, have stimulated their voice and hear us thanking those who have heard us, "said Mihailovic.

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They regret that they voice their voice in front of her, omitting the generations to blame for her, but they made their voices most likely to have all the giants They were created on the scene of the National Theater and built their reputation. "One of these giants is a great actor and Mr. Rasa Plaović and I feel the great honor of a prize that has its name," says Mihailović.

She points out that these are moments of happiness, that are a life-style. For those moments of happiness, in my life, my daughters are Martha and Petar, my widow, my mother, my friends, some of the performances and a few of them. The ministers are important to my life, and this is tonight, "said Mihailovic, but also for the audience who" always comes, falsifies their mistakes and feels their successes. "

The opera "Cinderella" by Djokin Rosini, managed by Jagoš Marković, was known as the best performance in the repertoire of the National Theater in the 2017/2013 season. The national theater prize was awarded to Neli Mihailović, directors Tatjana Mandić-Rigonat, playwright Maja Pelević, balloonist Bojana Žegarac, balloonist Jovan Veselinović and the opera champion Janko Sinadinović.

Pelević sent a message in which they invited the members of the National Theater on the persistent struggle that won the victory and thank them for the restoration of their faith in solidarity. Sinadinovic has acknowledged that the National Theater is "a sacred place," it is the light of our souls, and it was a place of suffering. " "I speak my honor and gratitude for the receipt of receipt by asking everyone to always be aware of their beliefs, worthy of this holy farm, which our fathers have delivered us and # 39 We should give our children, with their words and deeds, "said Sinadinovic.

Jelena Vlahović, the winner of the Opel Jelena Vlahović, and the maker of the solid machine Marko Dukić, was awarded a special contribution to art and work. The National Theater, by decision of the NP administration, was presented to Vladimir Logunov, choreographer and ballet pedagogue, and the company "Hyundai Srbija doo".

Price for the successful activity of the National Theater was given to the actors Nebojša Dugalić, Vanji Ejdus, Radmila Živković, Olga Odanović, Svetlani Bojković, Zlatija Ivanović, Slobodan Mićalović, Miloš Đorđević, Pavle Jerinić, Danijel Ugrenović, Dušanka Stojanović Glid, Aleksandar Srećković , Milena Đorđević and composer Anja Djordjevic, such as souffers Dusanka Vukić and Gordana Perovska and inspired by Aleksandra Rokvić and Sanji Ugrinić Mimici, Drama Inspector

The Orchestra and Hor Opera, Ballet Pillars Miloš Živanović, Tatjana Tatić and Milica Jević Drndarević, Ballet Ensemble, persons who worked in the Technical Department and gave the department of professional and general affairs.

The golden badges for 20 years in the National Theater were Dragani Del Monako, Milos Dragic, Tamara Djuric, Ivan Mitic, Milos Nikolic, Dejan Popin, Nikolic Stankovic, Predrag Stojkovic, Aleksandar Ilic, Vladimir Panajotovic, Mihajlo Stefanovic, Goran Milosevic, Stevan Shtrpc .

Drama artists Milenko Pavlovic and Ljiljana Blagojevic have the history of the National Theater with the dance floor of Dejan Kolar and the collage of argyfoto's, and an overview of the past year marked by the seven Prime Ministers Drama, three premiere of # 39; the Opera, two Ballet Premiere, prizes.

Minister of Culture and Information Vladan Vukosavljevic, State Secretary for Culture Ivan Karl, representatives of the diplomatic corps, members of the national theater and the audience visited the ceremony.

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