Wednesday , April 21 2021

Samsung Galaxy S4 mid March

BELGRADE – Samsung will present the latest generation of Galaxy S4 smartphones on March 14 in New York.

According to the portal, Samsung Galaxy The S4, as the basis of the company’s mobile strategy, is one of the most anticipated phones this year, and should bring improvements in the domain of camera, quad-core processor and display.

The introduction of the fourth generation of this phone in America is a reflection of the company’s desire to focus on that market.

According to Samsung CEO JK Šina, Galaxy The S3 was introduced in London last year, and now the location has changed due to a large number of requests from US operators to introduce the phone in that country.

Galaxy The S-Series was a huge success for Samsung, which became the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile devices.

In January, the company announced the delivery of the Galaxy It reached 100 million of the phone, while only Galaxy S3 shipped in 41 million copies.

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