Saturday , December 4 2021

Russian "Lada" is in & rsquo; round of & quot; the world's most popular car



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The Russian brand "Lada" is on the list of & # 39; the best selling store in the world, the data of the analyzing office & # 39; Focus2move.

"Lada" took the 48th position on top of 50 world championships, three positions in comparison with the last list of countries.

In # nine nine months of this year, AvtoVAZ sold nearly 286,000 cars from the brand "Lada", which sold the capacity of 21%.

The first place on the list was Toyota sold with 6.5 million cars sold. The second is "Volkswagen", which killed 5.22 million cars from January to September, and third, Ford, a sales of more than four million cars registered.

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