Thursday , June 17 2021

Respiratory infections and grippe disease

BOR – During winter, except for grab, respiratory infections are present, which are comparable in symptoms to this disease.

"Act respiratory infections are the precursors of grasp and seizure disease, where the limit is a whole heavy to place and it is difficult to say here is just a repatriation infection or a sickness related to it with a grab. Acute respiratory infections occur throughout the year, they are interesting in the autumn, but can also occur in other seasons. Causative agents can also be backbone and viruses, soil, lower respiratory effects can occur, which can be heavier, harder, and harder to treat under the supervision of a general practitioner or disease specialist"Seit Dr Javorka Stankulić, Head of the Center for Preventive Health Care at a Health Center Bor.

The symptoms of respiratory infection are generally visible, but there are cases that they are not easily recognizable or grasp. The most common are mild elevated temperature, general weakness, minority, mouse color, nasal leaks and cough. Medical assistance must be sought in the event that the temperature lasts longer than three days and if the patient is suffering from another illness.

"If it remains as a bacterial infection such as streptococcal and staphylococcal infection, the diagnosis is based on laboratory findings of a general or microbiological laboratory to determine adequate therapy. If it appears that is a viral infection, the condition for the onset of complexes and the use of symptomatic symptom luncheon checks, checks and checks temperature coughs, coughs"Expires Dr. Javorka Stankulić.

As with most diseases, due to dripping, prevention, hygiene and enhancement of the immune system of the organism are essential.

"After that, it is desirable to use vitamin and immunobiological preparations, which can be bought in pharmacies and can be administered by Vitamin Nutrition to a specially topical winter mat that provides adequate cycling. Drink enough fluids, hot drinks, maybe stay in smaller ones with more people and keep hygiene"The groove Dr. Javorka Stankulić, Head of the Preventive Health Center at the Health Center Bor.

Act respiratory infections are the most common infections of a modern man. Of those, adults are average 3 to 5 times in a year, and children are more likely to believe. Therefore, to prevent prevention, the immune system must be strengthened.

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