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Red and white come closer, Valencia – Red Star


15.01.2021. 22:14

The star came to life just before half.

Marko Jagodić Kuridža, Photo: BC Red Star

26th minute: Zvezda came just after 2 + 1 Coloms – 56:51, and then two successful attacks by the hosts and a triple outside Rossom for a new difference with two figures – 61:51.

24th minute: Almost every shot is made by O’Bryant – 53:48.

22nd minute: Twice O’Bryant under the court comes Zvezda closer – 51:46.

Without the Balkan trio Marinković-Dubljević-Prepelič, Valencia were in the black for a while.


20th minute: With Kolom’s free throw points, Zvezda went to the break with “mar” -7 – 49:42.

19th minute: Lazić’s triple – 47:33, then O’Bryant’s 47:36, Zvezda runs a one – digit deficit.

17th minute: Labeiri is compassionate when he gets the ball under the court – 46:30. Kalinic committed a foul in the attack, and in the next attack of Zvezda he got a technical because of the story. Column missed the gift for free throw. He then committed a violation in the attack. Worse than worse.

15th minute: A bit strange combination Radanov-Rit, but the ball went through the hoop – 39:26. Labeiri safely under the basket – 44:28. In less than 15 minutes the red and whites got 44 points!

14th minute: From mistake to mistake, violation on Hermanson – 39:24.

12th minute: Trio san Emetrija – 30:18, then another 33:20.

11th minute: Violation over Walden in a shot for three and three shots – 27:18.


10th minute: A second before the end of the quarter Hall Toby fell, two throws for +12 – 27:15.

9th minute: O’Bryant gave Hope back to Zvezda with six points – 23:15.

7th minute: Van Rosom’s triple, Kalinic’s throws, then Sastrea’s triple, then Labeiri’s throw and finally Williams hits with a foul, but uses no extra throws – 21: 7.

4th minute: Jagodić-Kuridža reduced by dunking – 9: 7.

3rd minute: Trojka Kalinic, the host makes a difference – 7: 2. Davidovac extended with the same measure – 7: 5.


In the last nine games, the Reds and Whites in the Euroleague have scored 2-7 (both wins at home).

The last three matches on the side, three defeats (Zenit, Maccabi, Barcelona).

The population of Belgrade celebrated for the last time in Milan against Armani 87:79 on November 18, 2020.

The team of coach Dejan Radonjić would visit Madrid on Wednesday, but due to the snow, the plane could not land in the Spanish capital, so it will play on Monday with the Royal Club, and tonight it will go to Valencia.

Renewal students Marko Simonović, Jordan Lloyd, Landry Nnoko (administrative issues) and Boriša Simanić stayed in Belgrade.

In the first game, the Reds and Whites led 76:73 with 18 points each from Lloyd and Bryant.

Tradition is on the side of Zvezda. In the Euroleague, the reds and whites win all six victories in mutual duels!

Valencia – Red Star 63:52 (27:15, 22:27,)

VALENCIA: Pradilja, Puerto, Labeiri, van Rossom, Toby, Kalinic, Vives, San Emeterio, Williams, Hermanson, Sastre, Ferrando.

RED STAR: O’Bryant, Hall, Walden, Uskokovic, Davidovac, Lazic, Rit, Radanov, Dobric, Jagodic-Kuridza, Kuzmic, Kolom.


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