Thursday , January 20 2022

Rain showers and light rain, possible dunes and thunderstorms



In most parts of Serbia nowadays a small and modern tower and dry, except in the north and in & nbsp; the evening, and in the southwest and in & nbsp; The central part of the country was known to be very pure, sometimes pure, by the Republic of Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia (RHZS).

The wind is weak and moderated, in baskets are often strong, southeast. Morning temperature of 1 to 5 degrees, the highest day 5 to 11.

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Even in Novi Sad it is light and mildly cloudy and wind with moderate, sometimes strong southeastern wind. Morning temperature at four, the highest daily to 11 degrees.

Before morning, mostly cloudy, partly rain, Sunday and Monday is still relatively warm. From Tuesday to cold, in hills with snow and snow, sometimes as possible in lower limits on Wednesday and on & nbsp; The end of the week, most clearly and cold is low and moderate in the morning.

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