Monday , November 29 2021

Prijović: I wait long, I can not say I'm satisfied


Most of the criticism of selection Mladen Krstajic since the World Championship in Russia was sent because the worst minute of Aleksandar Prijovic

PHOTO: V. Markovic

Even if the Eagles injured the result of a high attack Aleksandar Prijović usually stayed on a bank.

He became a favorite of the public, which was once after the reaction of frozen spectators on Tuesday night in Humska Prijović started the second half Mijat Gaćinović.

For each player, it is important to support the public. And it motivates me further. I hope there will be more people in coming matches, we will have more support – says May Andriy Zivkovic The hero of the victory over Lithuania is the first place in # 39; the fourth group C Division of the League of Nations.

The struggle with the former Soviet republic was only the second Aleksandar Prijović Two days ago, the competition.

Every day he came in the game of # 39, Bank of Romania in # 39; The second round he took 13 minutes to court and the opportunity to improve the status and improvement of the Orlovs.

I waited for a chance, I can not say I'm satisfied. When I come in the coming months in the coming months, I'll see more. Importance of representation is a priority, I will always be here for Serbia.

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