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Premiere of the piece "Petrijin Venac" in Atelier 212


The "Petrijin venac", based on the work of Dragoslav Mihailov in the repertoire of Boban Skerlia, is featured on November 24, at Atelier 212, at a press conference in the Belgrade theater.

Source: B92, Tanjug

Photo: Thinkstock / Illustration

Photo: Thinkstock / Illustration

"Petrijin Wenatz" had been premiered at Atelier 212 in 1976 when the text of the text and language of Mihailovice was signed by Ognjenka Milievi.

Today one of the villagers living with a life-threatening lot lives for three actors on the studio of Atelier 212.

Petra fan 'e younger days is Marta Bjelica, followed by Petrova in & # 39; the city by Jovan Gavrilovi, while Petrica is dedicated to Milica Mihajlova as widow.

In addition to this three actress Ivan Markovi, Tihomir Stani, Igor Orevi, Isidora Mini, Jelena Rakoeva, Vladislav Mihailovi in ​​# 39 play.

The director of the scene, Boban Skerli, stated that it was a great responsibility for dealing with the literature that he had brought in the literary world.

"It is possible that this is the first set of 'Petri Wreath' outside the monodrama." Roman Dragoslava Mihailovia is written in the first person of # 39; Monolingual and therefore his confidential discussion is very suitable for conversion to monodrama, "said Skerli.

In our game, we have struggled to live wherever it's a crime that is a patriarchal value system.

"They try to keep all things with a special Vitalnou, as the lot is thrown into a ditch or with stones in a ditch, they wake up to fatal waves and go on, "says Skerley.

He hopes that the performance influences the public, to address the problem of contrasting the patriarchal value of values.

Marta Bjelica says she is very interested in how much she plays on the stage, simply.

"She is a sweet, full of love, full of many situations, full of different warmth in her … Petria is busy in her life, although she has very tragic moments, she lives with all kinds of misconduct on a easy to handle, unconscious of their size, "said Bjelica.

Jovana Gavrilovi notes that the meaning is to explain why "Petri" is on the playroom …

"Today's people are very happy about the attitude of everyone, and no one is interested in everyone in this world." This story about Petria is an essay about one and her good body, good circulation and strong bones … When she traveled to Petri, she began to do a non-living, not just a blood to family no, i miss today in the world … in life and in the theater, and therefore I'm afraid I have the opportunity to deal with such a character, "said Gavrilovi .

Milica Mihajlov says that we live in a world that has been created by rage, expectations of life, demands of life.

"Petri is a model of a man who can survive life, it is endangered if we learn without peace, humor, without the saints, that we have nothing," she said. is Michael.

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