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After the game "Drowned Souls," Sergei Trifunovic's play was released from the repertoire of the Aleksinac Theater Festival, the audience began a quiet boycott. A certain number of viewers have already reposted the cards, raised by a sudden change in the repertoire. The show was replaced by another due to the possible conflict of interest, to welcome the father of famous actors to the selection of the competition program.

A. Cukic

Sergei Trifunovic

As Sergei extends to the media, the evidence is clearly relevant.

– The President of Aleksinac municipality, a # 39 soldier of a # The Serbian Progressive Party is probably probably involved with the d … leader, independent of the fact that he really talks about what the performance is in the repertoire and it's playing it. The repertoire of the festival took place in August. Interest has not yielded from August that it was a "conflict of interest". On the road, these people can not know what the term is a conflict of interest. Where my father still does not receive money here. It is terrible what two days before the start of the festival – says the actor.

More often, what they say is a "artistic" conflict of importance.
– What does that mean for God's will? It is a genuine fabric. Complete, it's a cheap visit to collect political points – Trifunovic is closed.

And well-known dramatist Sinisa Kovačević spoke on this occasion on Twitter.
– I got a lifetime award from the Aleksinac Theater Festival a few years ago. Sergey Trifunovic is not a certain actor. I did not need them, I did not need them too. So, this and the post road will I return the said price. It is a great festival for small business life – wrote Kovačević.

A few hours later, he expanded his tweet from his profile.

UDUS: Hearing reasons

This event was also visited by the Association of Drama Artists of Serbia.
– The explanation that the repertoire of the competition of "festival" has been changed "due to a potential conflict of interest" is a meaningful debt. The only reasons that all happened, the ruler, political and extra judicial reasons of the decision was made. Sergei Trfunović came to claim a guilty damage to his own humanitarian work and his own motto. He is undoubtedly a top-notch artist. If anyone wants to leave his environment without such high value and beauty, then it is his responsibility – said the chairman of UDUS Voje Brajović.

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