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Natural Throat Pain Relievers: You have them at home and it helps a lot! | Beautiful and healthy


Throat pain Most passionate symptoms It often occurs with a cold or flu. So, eating, sleeping, talking …

Fortunately, Home Remedies This can help you solve this problem.


Honey has not only helped you but also has been talking for a long time. Home care, It is due to antibacterial properties that reduce inflammation.

In addition, the honey remains in a thin layer. It is attached to the neck., It reduces irritation when eating food.

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maybe "The most exciting" ideaThough it is possible to soften the tissues of the body by grinding the salt water of the throat Kill the bacteria.

mix A glass of water and half a teaspoon of salt Carefully for 1-2 minutes so as not to drink water.

Scientists claim: If you get a cold, you can do this and win!

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Chamomile tea

This car can not help you. Calm down. I fall asleep, It has already proven and has anti-foaming properties. This antioxidant and other ingredients of green tea have Soothing effect If you start to drink it when you feel the first symptoms of pain in your throat.

In addition, Although it does not contain a lot of caffeine, It means you can drink in the evening without any problems.

When it comes to sore throats, it's definitely your own choice A cup of chamomile tea Put small honey.

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Lemon and hot water

Some people drink. warm lemonade, Or a mixture of hot water and lemon juice, hope to help with weight loss or skin cleansing. Ellem, this drink can actually help you. Resolve symptoms of colds and flu.

As well as the antibacterial and antiviral effects of lemon Good for the immune system.These citrus fruits create an acidic environment in the throat, making it harder to keep viruses and bacteria.

Lemon is also abundant. Vitamin C, Research has shown that it acts prophylactically against viruses and colds.

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