Tuesday , January 31 2023

Markovic's statement on Vulin: it's easy if you lie yourself


Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin criticized a 100-year-old prime minister Dusko Markovic for allegedly inflicting huge injustice on Antanta's member Montenegro.

By joining Serbia, Markovic said Montenegro "has disappeared from the world map".

"If he is not proud of his ancestor, he will not convey his hatred to his descendants," Vulin said.
"Montenegrin, Montenegrin, has the right to insult his country, but he has no right to lie or take possession of Serbia, if he decides to plunder the ancestors. Do not harm Serbian victims unless you respect them. "
"If Sergeant Jank Vukotić is embarrassed, let him keep it in Serbia's memory, and we will protect him, and if the battle of Moiokovak is shaken, we will be proud of him.

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