Thursday , October 6 2022

LUNA LOVES MILJKOVIC, Here is what Sloba thinks! Beverly knows the important message!


Although working full-time, the singer does not deny that his former master, Luna Djogani, is well aware of Rial's new season's events in our region.

Given the public's focus on his relationship with Marko Miljkovic, he invited Sloba to reveal how Sloba would respond when bloggers contacted.

– I really do not know the relationship. But if she really likes it for her, it will not hinder me at all. I want to meet a boy who will be happy. Sloba said.

Pinkova Zvezda points out that she no longer saw herself as a participant, so she has to tell her.

"I will ask her to relax and not bother her and not listen to others." If I entered the "cooperative", I hung myself. Radanovic was honest.

(Video) GUTAO JE POGLEDOM: Luna and Luka, Romania, Qatar, Qatar, Qatar, Qatar, Kadhichi, Pashipoul Juk!

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