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LSTSTE LG CALL: We will remember these LG phones, which were first in everything

On the fifth day of April, the LG company put an end to the production of the phone with its pressure.

The question remains – why people did not buy LG phones?

We believe the answer to this question is complex, but there has been a completely inconsistent LG strategy in recent years, but also many other factors that LG phones lost about attractiveness and the necessary “WOW” effect.

LG has withdrawn from the market at a time when it occupied just under two percent of the world market and sold to 23 million phones in 2020.

By comparison, Samsung sold nearly 260 million phones during the crisis year.

However, LG should certainly not be remembered at the end in the mobile industry, quite the opposite – we will remember them through phones that were the first in many segments year after year.

What brought LG to the phones first:

  • The first phone with an ultra-wide camera
  • The first phone with 21: 9 and 18: 9 screens, so the ratio of the screen
  • The first phone with Full HD, so 1080p video recording
  • The first phone with support with a capacitive type touch screen, still for the iPhone
  • The first phone with three SIM cards
  • The first phone with a 3D screen and a dual camera
  • The first phone with multiple processors in the chipset
  • The first phone with at least five lenses in the camera system
  • The first phone with support for Dolby Vision HDR and
  • The first curved phone with a flexible screen.

LG phones that remain special:

LG G5 delivers MWC 2016 Barcelona
Source: MONDO portal.

The phones that were probably the most popular with us from the LG offering are famous LG G2 i LG G3, after which irritating boot-loop problems began to occur, causing many potential users to turn down the purchase.

In the editorial office of SmartLife, we will also remember the great LG G4, which we used for a while, and which among other things stands out with its great design and leather back.

Last attempt, LG Velvet was also a very promising move, but the market did not respond to this model as LG expected it. In any case, the LG Velvet remains to date one of the most beautiful Android phones, in 5G and LTE versions and whatever color you can choose …

Which LG phone do you still remember? Too bad LG does not go further?

LG WING video (MobIT)
Source: LG Mobile Global

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