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LIVE TRANSFERS – Tuesday July 23

LIVE TRANSFERS - Tuesday July 23


Gudelj drawing for Seville. read more RIGHT HERE

Officially chooses Betis. read more RIGHT HERE

The star returns all money in Ebisili. read more RIGHT HERE

Rickard Gomez's failure failed. read more RIGHT HERE

16.22 – OFFICIAL: Mark Valiante left Partizan. He moves to Sporting from Hihon.

16.18 – Days of Sebagos was traveling to London, Spanish media reported. He expects medical exams before signing a contract with Arsenal.

16.12 – OFFICIAL: Experienced French right back Christoph Zale is a new member of Amiens. He did a year's research and came as a free agent after passing his contract with Nic. He previously played for PSG and Lyon.

That's all about it Predrag Ducic in the first shift, with you until the end of & # 39; e day Aleksandar Gligoric.

16.03 – New information about Vincent Jansen… Tottenham will only get 7,000,000 euros for his transfer to Mexican Monterey. Almost three times less than he paid three years ago.

15.57 – Roma see how to get away with themselves as soon as possible Stivena Nzonia to who's the new coach Fonseka don't count. Vucica offers it to Milan as part of its transfer Susabut a more realistic return to the home country. Lion and Marseille quarrel.

15.46Seven claims that Saint-Germain now benefits from a race signature Danija Rouza from Tottenham. We remember, for an experienced beacon, interest in the previous days was shown by Newcastle, Schalke, Juventus …

15.40 – As we just announced, the Brazilian striker Yellowion He started medical research in Newcastle.

15.31OFFICIAL: Loran Depuatr (30) returned to Ghent after three years as a free player. That 2016 was sold to Porta for 6,000,000. Afterwards he was in Hadersfield, where he did not play and with whom his contract expired this summer.

15.28 – Career Emrea Mora, once a super-talented Turk from Dortmund, and now a problematic youngster, Selte, is on a serious cross in the age of 22. They do not count on him in Vigo, some of which show interest they are Mother I have offered Galatasaray and Besiktas. About the fact that something with this man is really wrong, says information from Turkey that it is Mother let the story be free when choosing a new environment, even though it has a solid contract with Seltic until 2022? Spaniards certainly cannot hope to return the funds invested, to Dortmund two years ago, almost 14 million euros.

15.17GOTOVO: Brazilian Yellowion Hoffenheim was painted in the Newcastle Stadium. The task has been to expect the presentation to end up in & # 39; e day. Estimates are that the German club will collect as much as 35,000,000 euros.

15.07 – Barcelona and Valencia move ahead of the transfer Rafinje Alkantare. The player will be noted down Ernest Valverdea not to count on him in the coming season. Barsa still doesn't give him a budget – an in-line of 15,000,000 euros is included.

15.02BLIZUThree days line Claudio Lotito he acknowledged that Sergej Milinković Savić sure leaves Lazio this summer. A novel Republic reports today that the negotiations between Lazio and Manchester United have gone significantly ahead of time. Italians claim that everything has accelerated Real Madrid, which offers the talks Half Pogoo, and therefore United States must work for a replacement. There are also details. Republic it says that in principle a price agreement was reached. Apparently, the Romans would get 75 million euros without counting bonuses (they are expected to amount to about 15,000,000), while a stable black server is waiting for a five-year contract and a salary of 6,000,000 euros. An important part of you 75,000,000 (roughly 20,000,000) Lazio will immediately spend on the replacement of Sergei, and this would have to take over Yusuf Yazidji (22) from Trabzon.

14.53 – According to the information where & # 39; t he came Picture, Bayern will not charge this summer David Alabu. The Austrian has another contract for two years and the Bavaria does not have to rush to sell. Barsa shows a long time interest in this 27 year old …

14.47 – Young Argentine from Stuttgart Niko Gonzales (21) on purpose is Barnli. Gonzales only arrived a year ago in Germany from Argentina (8.500.000 euro), but to prove the Swades in Cvajt, the transfer is as good as possible.

14.24 – It's going to be Milan's hard Meriha Demirala… Juventus has not yet decided what to do with this man, but in principle he would rather give up Danijel Rugani. Therefore, the Paratians offered to Milan Rugani. Rosoneri have not yet explained …

14.20 – Looks like Inter definitely provided Romelua Lukaku. Manchester did not report, insists on a sum of 83,000,000 euros and rejects all proposals from Nerazur to declare this figure in various smaller, annual wars.

14.08 – Milan wants to be resolved as soon as possible Fabio Borini i Samu Castile, but has not received any offer before.

14.02 – They are aware of the fact that this flight will lose this summer Sergei Milinkovic Savic. That's why they have to go to his replacement as soon as possible. The media in the Apennines believe that the Romans already negotiated with the first objective, Magyar Dominic Soboslai (18), a Salzburg link. Apparently the Austrians want 20,000,000, Lazio is ready to go to 15,000,000.

13.57 – West Ham, Valencia, Crystal Palas … And that's not the end. Gibril Sidibea Wants Newcastle. Monaco gave him permission to look for a new environment, the only question is whether he will agree to what is being offered. It's not more than 15,000,000 euros.

13.31 OFFICIAL: Nemanja Gudelj four years in Seville. read more RIGHT HERE.

13.04 – One of Barcelona's most talented footballers Sims Sims (16) Was it not even about signing a professional contract and leaving the club. His agent is Mino Rajola. A young Dutchman would have to participate in the Paris Saint-Germain youth team in the coming days.

12.59 Andre Silva He has successfully passed the reviews in Monaco. We expect promotion every time.

12.54OFFICIAL: Old Chelsea player Papi Đilobođi (30) signed for Turkish Gazishihir. He had previously signed a contract with Gengan …

12.50 OFFICIAL: The good old Porta player Jasin Braimi (29) signed with Al Ryan from Qatar until 2022. Alzirac refused the offer of Marseille, Milan, Arsenal … He was determined to pay more for the sporting challenges.

12.38 – Roma will be hard for Milan Susa If Rosoneri is not going to discount, she still holds the price – 40 million euros. Therefore, Vucica moves with plan B. Milan will be offered two new variants: Nzonzi and money, that is Patrick Shik and money. In & # 39; the early afternoon hours are expected to enter Casa Milan come in Susov agent Alessandro Luci. It will be the seventh meeting Lucia with Milan's leaders in the last month …

12.33 – They're persistent reviews Andrea Silve in Monaco. Let us remember that Milan compensates for 30,000,000 euros, and the player has five years contracts with the lords.

12.30 o'clock Mundo deportivo warns Barcelona that Juventus is not at all naive and has serious plans to get a pulse Nejmara and Paris Saint-Germain, and this is a very interesting offer. In Turin they know they would Leonardo I'm glad to see you in Paris Paula Dibalu, so they remember the offers from & # 39; Bleza Matuidi and a significant amount of money in exchange for Nejmara.

How do you think this idea?

12.22 – Port is not only offered Fabio Koentrao, but also 33 years old Fredi Guarini, it has expired in China.

12.20Willem will take Azarov "ten"in Chelsea …

12.18 – Bayern is working on the extension of the contract Tija Alkantara. His current status expires in two years …

12.15 – It was the important news of tomorrow Channel plus. Gazda Pari Sen Germain Naser Al Kelaifi he gave the order Leonardo that may be the situation Neymar fired on his last 31 July. Patience from one issue Celaifija and he wants to know if the Brazilian goes to Barcelona or stays. Now we have to expect to be similar to an ultimatum Leonardo he presses Bars to speed up negotiations.

12.10 – A lot of details about all the activities of Italian clubs on the football brand. read more RIGHT HERE.

12.01 – Betis has published a list of players for the tour in Mexico. There's no one up there Giovanni Lo Selsa, which means that the transfer of Argentine players must be expected each time. This week is safe. Perma information that comes today from England Tottenham is in a pole position when it's the race for Lo Selsa in question.

11.56 – An agent called again Gereta Bailey:
"Geret is one of the best players in any world, and I can guarantee that he will not lend to any club. It will not happen for sure." He is a real player and will stay that way for the first time. will go away when it does not – stay. D & # 39; r are three more years contract ""Jonathan Barnet said.

11.47 – PSV Eindhoven offers 10.000.000 euro for the Valjadolid stand Fernanda Calera (23).

11.43 – Very unexpected, Niko Kovač could have a problem "too luxurious" about stopovers, it says Picture. Jerome BoatengAs things stand now, Munich remains, and will fight for a place in the dark with Niklas Zule, Benjamin Pavaro i Lukas Ernandez.

11.40 – It's a big crowd in Casa Milan. There they are Boban, Maldini, Gazidis, MasaraIsmael Benasser it is soon initializing with Rosoners, and on & # 39; e end of & # 39; a day is expected to be director of Athletic Sports Andrea Berta defines the last details of the transfer Anhel Korey.

11.37 – A very reliable local magazine from Lille La Voix du Nord says Manchester United has offered Nicole Pepe up to 80,000,000 euros!

11.33OFFICIAL: Other Kariljo (28) is the new player of Al Hilal. Four-year contract, Benfica for 80% of players' rights to 8,300,000 euros.

11.29 – After completing the Fecir job in Betis, they can now switch to the buyer's attack. Their first goal has been a long time Borha Iglesias from Espanyol. If they fail, Mundo claims to be deportivo, they will turn Christian Stuart from Girona and Nea Kanilić from Atletico.

11.14 – Although it is Jirgen Klop many times repeated Simon Minjole stays in Liverpool and will be an alternative AlisonThe Portuguese write this with the Belgian goalkeeper Robin Olsen (Roma) candidate to come to Benfica.

11.07 – Naples was seriously meant to ruin the work of rich people Nicole Pepe. If you believe it Gazeti Aurelio De Lauretis has so far sent the best offer for the Ivory Coast team: 60,000,000 euro + Adam Unas. Again, from England, the guarantees that Lil have accepted three offers from Liverpool, Bayern and another unnamed Premier League club (probably Manchester United). That would mean that everything is now on the player and his personal affinities.

10.59 Paulo Dibala Often he was called this summer as one of potential potential passing bombs. Gazeta Sport in today 's edition, a story suggests that the Argentina will request a meeting Maurice Sari and tell him he wants to stay and fight for a place in the team.

10.53 – RED STAR: Expectations were in Lorenz Ebisili's Red Star. It was believed that the former student of the Ajax school was a capital that would give the impetus to the team Vladan Miloevevic, however, the Dutchman did not miss the mission on Marakana and despite the proper performance the premiere season, but in the beginning of & # 39; the second will be a divorce. What is good news for everyone in a club is that the red-and-white will appear to be all the money spent on bringing this player. read more RIGHT HERE.

10.50 – PARTIZAN: None of Rickard Gomez's departure to the United Arab Emirates. Bar for now. All Sharjah provided excellent conditions for the best Partizan shooter of the past season, earning 1,000,000 euros in & # 39; T years, negotiated with blacks and whites in a month and finally – they raised their hands. read more RIGHT HERE.

Don't ignore the local brand. To the news of Red Star and Partizan …

10.43 – Experienced Ecuadorian Felipe Kaisedo (30) has not yet decided whether the contract will be extended with Latium, which will remain in place until 2022. Kaisedo probably has a call from Boke Juniors …

10.34 BLIZU: Argentine Emiliano Rigoni (26) is at the edge of transfer to Samdori. Zenit will receive 1,000,000 euros for a loan of one year, and then another 11,000,000 for a mandatory redemption account.

10.28 – In the island's browsers this morning is dominated by a ghost Giovanni Lo Selsu and Tottenham. Apparently Singers get closer to Argentine Bondists, and Betis record fee of 50,000,000 euros. Mar, at least, Athletic, We've already written about it

10.21 Zinedine Zidan It's been a big hit over the last few days "The respect of Gareth Bale", as his manager said. The Frenchman, however, rejected the prosecutors and argued that Welshman did not want to play in a preparing match against Bayern. Zizu also said that Real is trying to solve the problem in every way and as soon as he has the right solution for both the club and Bailey.

10.17OFFICIAL: Earlier Barcelona and Besiktas FC, Brazilian Adrian, signed a one-year deal with Atletico Paranense.

10.13 Maybe not just a man's problem … According to the first information Fabio Koentrao PAOK refused for gaming reasons, however A & # 39; Bola i Take up today they say it's a possibility that the former Real beacon for Porto will draw. It is possible that he feels a bunny in this bush and that he is Koentrao from Thessaloniki, he returned the unexplained work.

10.06 – Right wing of Brentford Sei Benrahma (23) Carry on a transfer to Aston Villa and urge the board to accept a bid by Birmingham of 16,000,000 euros.

10.02 – Island media are suspicious of the transfer Kirana Tirni from Seltic to Arsenal. The Celts have already rejected, demanded as many as 25,000,000 pounds for various offers, and even called for the last rejection (on Monday) Unai Emeri he raised a young beast.

09.54GOTOVO: Uruguayan Linkin Park Gaston Pereiro (24) arrives in Spartak Moscow. PSV Eindhoven will collect 15,000,000 euros. The Dutch pay this man for the National (Uruguay) double less …

09.49 – The first man, Lila Gerard Lopez he said the track was running Nicole Pepe almost done and that he does not have the slightest dilemma that he leaves this summer. He could have just opened a little bit: Liverpool or Manchester United? Maybe someone else? In any case, we hope this story will come to an end …

09.41 – Ends one of the longer transfer saga. You remember, we wrote past summer almost every day about him written. He wanted Bayern, Chelsea, Liverpool … with Reds set everything up. But then Jean Michel Ola said: I'm a little over 60,000,000, give me more. And everything fell into the water. Yesterday he sold Betis for 19,750,000 euros. It's not difficult, Nabil Fekir! The Seville club said last night that the deal was over and presented the French national team as their new reinforcement. Read all the details of the transfer RIGHT HERE.

Good morning, honor guide MOZZART Sport and our regular blog dedicated to the football brand. Let's slow down the end of this first month of the summer deadline and prepare a hellish finish in England. It will be with you in the first shift Predrag Ducic. Before we go, we propose that RIGHT HERE remember which kinds of activities clubs run in & # 39; have a day, and do not forget to find all the news about this topic by clicking on the tag SUMMER CROSSING TIME 2019, like in the daily blog TRANSFERS LIVE.

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