Friday , April 23 2021

Learn how & # 39; t they love between one of the most desirable men and one of & # 39; a nicest Hollywood – the life of the famous – Fun – Super One

Two days ago, the media around the world were written about a possible connection between famous actor Brad Pitt and actress Arliz Teron.

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The claims were that the pair came through the one where the arles reached for a while, but the British Daily Pie writes that it all began on the set of advertising for Bratling watches load year.

Arlis and Brad, with her collection Adam Drier, made a commercial for Breitling watches.

Ba then brought together a few moments, and the source for the magazine Pipil complains: "A month ago, they names it commercially, they've spent a lot of time together in a tightening."

However, another Sun source says the couple is only one month in a month.

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