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It's a continuous research, that's a lot of WONDERFUL DETAILS, and one thing is especially FOOTBALL!


07/23/2019. 19:10 – 23/07/2019. 19:37

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was the guest of the National Diary.

Aleksandar Vučić

Aleksandar Vučić, Photo: print screen

* President Vucic spoke about the departure of Haradinaj to The Hague

* He presents new details on the monitoring and incorporation of woman and baby brother Sinisa Mali

* President-in-Office Ana Brnabic will shortly invite the Bureau for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) from the OSCE to come to Serbia and to monitor the election conditions

Speaking of the crimes committed in Stari Grack and Haradina's connection with her, Vucic said he did not think Haradinaj was associated with the crime and added that he was affiliated with many others.


As he adds up, Haradinaj will soon be released, and then he will be even more heroic and will say he protects the interests of Albanians.

– I expect the performance will say he is defending the country from a Serbian aggressor – says Vucic and added:

– Those who do not care for their victims will find it difficult to respect others and even more difficult to think about the future. I don't expect anything here, I think Haradinaj will come back. Have no doubt that this time something else will happen. We are waiting for Haradinaj to continue the destruction of power in Serbia shortly.

Aleksandar Vučić

Aleksandar Vučić, Photo: print screen

On the question of how he commented on the attacks on his family, Vucic said he was used to it and that people know they are not true.

– My brother is a criminal accused, and he pays a loan and has nothing to do with what they have claimed in their possession, and an attack on children, it is so low that I have no say. Attack me, not children. They worked through Mišković's and Šolak's media. My job is to suffer all the blows and to care for all citizens – Vucic said.

Aleksandar Vučić

Aleksandar Vučić, Photo: print screen

Speaking of childhood attacks, Vucic says that what is happening with the brotherhood of Siniša Malo is currently being investigated.

– We will determine who followed the wife and baby brother Siniša Mali, Predrag. That face with the voice call asked his mother when he was his mother as a sister. It's a lot of strange details here. That's really disgusting. This face will not hide. It's a Japanese monitoring tactic – Vucic said.

He was against bombing NATO and visited Serbia in 1999. Vučić read the book of & # 39; a new British Prime Minister in TWO LANGUAGES, and learned a very important thing!

As she says, the baby does not laugh, nor is it joke.

– To hide this, it was a gate to follow them. Authorities have shown that Tomislav Nikolic and I have been around for the time being – Vucic said.

Aleksandar Vučić

Aleksandar Vučić, Photo: print screen

The Serbian President says that it is clear to everyone that no one follows or obeys her.

AND THIS BECOMES IN ILOVAC! He stood in front of the camera and said what happened to VUČIĆ and his father! Now it chases him to kill him!

Vucic review of writing media, as well as the involvement of some politicians in & # 39; a nasty campaign against him and his family.

– The biggest problem is when you answer them. This is the problem of some politicians in Serbia and some members of parliament who think they are being beaten and defeated and think I will not have time to reply. Hundreds of their values ​​were acknowledged in & quot; text I wrote – Vucic Lament, and added that the text well described what was happening.

– Their problem is to "I'm not afraid of them." I won, for the citizens of Serbia, chosen me. When I say they have a problem with me, they have learned that politicians pay a racket not to say negative about them, and I won't pay a racket to one – said Vučić, adding that the paper & # 39; Tablod & # 39; has published several things badly about him, because he will not pay their racket.

ALBANIAN IN DELARIUM WITH THE NEW CREW REGULATION Putin sets out a guideline! Russia raises states to withdraw recognition of Kosovo's independence!

He remembers that no one has reported to a police officer that he was a woman, a father-in-law, but that some of & # 39; The leaders of CSS were recognized.

– Don't tell me how many politicians know who provides information to other media to protect themselves. I'll never do that. I did this way to bring Serbia and Merkel, Putin, Shinzo Abe and countless other state members. We have managed to get the country out of bankruptcy and now people are just waiting to see how they will increase their pensions and salaries. They wait right – Vucic said.

Aleksandar Vučić

Aleksandar Vučić, Photo: print screen

According to him, all this can be done on loud ground and after severe reformation, so it was.

President Vucic says that Han will come, and that he will go to Japan in October.

– Days go on new plants. Banat will once again be pleased with Vucic.


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced last night that Prime Minister Ana Brnabic would invite the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) from the OSCE to come to Serbia and to check the election conditions.

– We will call on the ODIHR, which is engaged in elections, so let's spend five, six months before the election to make sure they are dead, they do not vote. Let them check the voters' list to see if we are betting and making – says Vucic in the National TV Pink News.

MINISTAR OŠTRO! Dacic sent a terrible message to the Albanians! From his words, criminals will hide from the KLA in & # 39; a cap hole

However, he is convinced that afterwards some will not be satisfied, and will say that they do not like the rules of the international community, all that the world as principles accept.

Vucic said his party will present what has been done in all elections, which steps are seven miles through Serbia, and every will of & # 39; people will accept and accept.

Aleksandar Vučić

Aleksandar Vučić, Photo: print screen

He said there would be an even greater difference in elections.

– You say 42% of Greens in Ukraine is a big profit, and here they will be 50%, and they won't have 13% of their pro-Russian parties – he's convinced.

DISCUSSED WHO IS IN THE & # 39; SPOILERS & # 39; These are people from & # 39; e SNS that & # 39; t the OPERATION FAN & # 39; do a waste! Vucic and his family in danger!

He told the opposition that he had his own world in which he was imprisoned, in order to hurt all those who would go to the ballot box.

– He recalled the part of the DS that he could get, and he could, and then, via asilas and Šolak's media, he was marked as a traitor, like Sergei Trifunović. If Vucic says something decent about one of them, then he is explained as "a worm you & # 39; tell us," he said.

President Vucic expressed his great satisfaction that one of his close friends, Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of Britain.

– I am sure that Boris always wants to hear what I have to say to him. I will send him a message, hoping that he will stay the same and understand, now that he is a big word on the island and for us little.

The Serbian President today held a meeting with David Vujic, a member of the Apollo 11 mission, who had only the words of praise, and then read the names of & # 39; a seven Serves that did not do the project.

– He is one of & # 39; people who are so respectable and you & # 39; t the door anywhere & # 39; open a united states. I can't hear Americans landing on month, and people's imagination is incredible – Vucic judged.

The president of Serbia has told people not to be bored and that the government will try to fight for a better future.

– I am sure Serbia is on the right track and that people do not have to worry about their future – Vucic concluded.

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