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ITALIA MAKSIMALLY RELATED TO RED STARS: If they believe the media Napoli already won | Sports

ITALY MAKSIMALLY RELATED TO RED STARS: If it's true of media, Napoli has already won

Photo: Kurir Sport / Aleksandar Radonić

Special Rapporteur for the Kurir from Naples – Aleksandar Radonić

The omega # 39; Gazeta & # 39; On the cover page Ronaldo and his 100th win in # The Champions League, never been before the player was one. The announcement of the game Napoli and Red Star is only on the 20th page, with the test of Karl Ancelotti says:

"If we do not know white and white, then we will all be teabolic."

There is a story about Lorenzo Insignu, the best Napoli soccer player, while Vladan Milojević was presented in the corner of this page, in one column, without a picture. Of course, in Gazeta, they think the Red Star has nothing to look for in order to look for Napoli and guarantee the Italian three points.

The local newspaper "Il Matino" has a game between Napoli and Red Star three sides, a page more like Gazeta. And here, until the maximum, the Red Star is under scrutiny, that's not the chance to have a triumph or mis.

The first text under the title "Everyone in Naples" speaks about the importance of the game hosted by the host, while others say that in & quot; A victory of Napoli triumphs and that the French PSG does not win home tournament Liverpool, a team from the south of Italy will be in # 39; The next phase of the Champions League will come. On the third, the story is also about Lorenzo Insignu, or a great talent for Italian football, discussed by coach Carlo Ancelotti and selector "Azura" Roberto Manzini.

To & # 39; s end of & # 39; "Corriere Work Sport", but the southern edition of Italy has the largest space of Naples and Red Star in the Champions League. On the front is Carlo Ancelotti that says a chance that Napoli is not in the next round of # 39; the league will fit, but it will not be for the club. There is also the text under the title "Operation kacima" that 't speaks of' tactic 'and the combiner of & # 39; an Italian coach for a gameplay. "Korires" also includes photography and explanation of Vlado Milojević, with the title that the coach of Crvena Zvezda has the spokesman for Ancelotti, who has triumphed for the Champions League three times. One text is dedicated to the ultrasound of Napoli, which states that due to any incidents the club could get a chance.

It is interesting that all Italian journalists do not know the best composition of Red Star. Thus, "Gazeta" receives the Serbian club in # formation in # 39; Progress with Ben and Stojiljkovic in leadership, while "Korijere" Milojevic's favorite 4-2-3-1 set up, making Simic explore the inner midfield and Ben in # 39; a spit. / A.R.



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