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Invasion at the beginning, Džugo new president – politics


By confirming the mandate for three leaflets, a new meeting of the Bosniak National Council (BNV) was constructed. Esad Džugo, member of "Self-Determination – Dr. Sulejman Ugljanin," is the new president (BNV).

This is how the new generation was consisting of 14 members of the "Self-Determination" list, and 8 out of 39; The list is "Vakat is – Prof. Dr. Sait Kacapor".

On the & # 39; s election from & # 39; The new president of BNV, 13 of # 39; The list of 'Bosnyaks – Academics Muamer Zukorlic, the mufti', they have not declared themselves. Her trainer of the list Zukorlic points to failures in organizing and letting out of # the session. There were no speakers in the room so people talked from their list in their places, and the problem was the Rules of Procedure of # 39; a BNV. The Chamber was set up by Provincial and the first session was to work according to the old rules of Procedure. The Bosnian ninja cabinet points out the surrounding areas in the attitude of # The session remained, but the majority remained at # 39;

After the session, Zukorlic saw their judicial system ever seen what had happened and the possibility for the initiative of administrative procedures was missing. He asserted that the "failure" failed, the laws of the trial were not adopted, and the parties were not allowed to negotiate, and thus the choice of judge for the president of the BNV in contrast to that document. "

– The Bosniak Bosniak list will be the correct opposition, which speaks what he thinks, and he expects the convincing majority and the new president of BNV to be consistent with their policies. With all the ideological differences between Ugljanin-Ljajić's relationship, this majority is no surprise. The new president published a lot of Serbia maps for a few days ago in 2025, we will see how it works when Ljajic will support it, – said Zukorlic, the arrival of the # BNV headquarters on # 39; the edge of an invasion. The problem was accreditation, for whom there were no masters, and they wanted to halt, so there were stones and galams at the front door.

In the first preliminary committee said the new president of # 39; e BNV, Esad Džudo, that the Council would be the interlocutor and partner to the steam locomotives and international organizations involved in the negotiation process on Serbia Serbia EU.

– I will try to make all 35 man make BNV work together to work together so that another exam will go. We took the first exam in the elections on November 4, when we show that Bosnia is a people with potentials that know European standards. In the coming period we have the capabilities of & # 39; the entire municipality needs to be handled, improving and improving the four areas where BNV is treated, but also to fight the status of Bosniaks and Sandzak in the process of & quot; Constitutional reform, "said Judo, was elected on a proposal from today's president, Sulejman Ugljanin.

About Jude

Esad Džudžo is a Tutsi-grady sociologist and in recent appointments he was the vice-president of # 39; The Bosniak National Council was the training course for training. He was president of the BNV in a technical mandate from 2010 to 2014. When Bosniaks had two national councils, one did not recognize the state and one that was a technical mandate received.

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