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In the center of Belgrade, the police searched the car and placed the driver on the wall of the building.


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10.11.2018. 23:27 – 20/11/2018 23:47

According to unofficial information, several fans were arrested.

Maya Androvac marica police

Illustration, Photo: Alo! / Rajko Ristic

In the evening, the police blocked Strahinjića Bana Street in downtown Belgrade and searched for dozens of men. It should be a fan.

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THE OTAC MODEL OF PARACHISE He grabbed his sons in the basement, stripped them naked, beat them wildly and beat them with a fork! He killed his aunt.

No one could go home after the incident. There were other curtains and Miriam in the windows every day, but KRVAVO LICE!

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According to unofficial information, legalization and search occurred before a torch burning incident occurred at a nearby cafe. At the corner of Knjeginje Ljubica and Strahinjića Barna there were several police cars and cars, police were searching for cars while drivers were running side by side. Some of them lined along the walls of the building.

– The fan group has acted terribly at the local store, insulting the guests and refusing to pay the bill. When the police came to the scene, the hooligans caused verbal and physical conflicts. However, MUP members responded professionally. I explained the source of "Blica".

Otherwise, at 7 pm Pionir was playing the basketball game Patrizan-Cibona.

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