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In Serbia, the cooler, stronger winds will not give up and the first snow in Belgrade will be full body


In Belgrade, it is very cold.

Strong wind, Belgrade, center, bad weather, storm

In Serbia it can be very cold with rain, low rain, snow and snow. Day and night, afternoon and other areas, rain, snow, snowy heavy blur, More rain is expected in southern, eastern and northeastern parts of Serbia.

Sometimes it rains in moderate winds on the east and north in areas with high precipitation. Lowest temperature of -1 to 2 ° C. Daily from 1 ° C in the southern and eastern parts of Serbia to 8 ° C in the north.

In Belgrade It is a bit cloudy and very cold and there is a chance of rain, snow and rain. At the end of the day and at night, rain, twilight, and snow fall. Moderate to moderate dong and northeasterly. Minimum temperature 1 ° C, daily maximum 5 ° C

Weather in Serbia 2 umbrellas

The day after Serbia:

It was rainy and cloudy and very cold in Serbia on Monday., Eyes and eyes. It is expected that precipitation will decrease and cloudiness will decrease during the day. At the end of the day in the southwest, evening and night, and other areas New precipitation with occasional ice rainsIn snowy mountains.

Weather in Belgrade 2 Umbrella

It rains on Tuesday night, and in the morning and afternoon there is a rain from grass to the ground.In snowy mountains. Rain during the day is expected in all regions of Serbia. On Tuesday, strong southeastern winds blow from the south of Banat, with a storm in the basking area, and over 100km / h with a storm.

The next 3 days of Oldweather2umbrella Serbia weather

It is dry and slightly warmer on Wednesdays and Thursdays, especially in the southeast. At the end of Thursday and night, temporary rain clouds.


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