Monday , March 8 2021

In addition to Kovid 19, the fight against the PPR virus – the carrier of sheep and goat plague – is uncertain


“Although PPR epidemics have been significantly reduced in recent years, the scale of PPR infection, both geographically and regionally, remains broad and more needs to be done to combat the disease,” said the PPR and World Food and Agriculture Coordinator. , veterinarian Felik Njeumi.

Globally, the number of infected pets, ruminants of Pesta des petits (PPR), a disease also known as sheep and goat plague, has decreased by two thirds in recent years, demonstrating the international community’s commitment to this to combat extremely contagious epidemic. Holiday shortages, animal husbandry and especially logistical challenges in the implementation of vaccinations remain the main obstacles for the prevention and control of PPR. The cost of a single dose of the vaccine is eight times the cost of delivering the vaccine.

PPR virus

Although thermotolerant technology is available, none of the existing vaccines are effective, and most endemic countries with a PPR epidemic are located in tropical or subtropical regions with limited resources for vaccine storage and transportation.

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