Saturday , July 24 2021

I’m in favor of that LOOKING SERBIA, thanks to that it has an advantage

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz indicated today that he is in favor of purchasing the Russian Sputnik vaccine, as that would speed up the vaccination plan, citing Hungary and Serbia as an example of significant advances in vaccination with this vaccine.

Asked about the video of the citizens via Instagram, Kurz said, when asked about the purchase of the fax and whether the state would provide more money to buy more faxes, he said that this was not possible, not because of money , but because of the possibility of buying the vaccine.

“We have an offer for a million doses of Sputnik”

He stated that Austria was currently in negotiations regarding the tender of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”.

– We have an offer to buy millions of doses of Sputnik V vaccine. That would help us a lot. I am in favor of that agreement, and we are currently in agreement with the government. A million doses would greatly accelerate our vaccination plan – stresses Kurz.

Photo: Oliver Bunić / RAS Serbia

Asked for approval by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), he recalled that he had criticized the institution’s delay several times.

– There are already several countries that use the Sputnik vaccine, such as Hungary and Serbia, which, as a result, have an advantage in the vaccination process. That saves lives and restores freedom for citizens – he said.

He expressed hope that Austria would succeed in acquiring and applying Russian faxes.

– But it’s not just my decision. I am for that tender ?? he underlined.

“I hope there will be no quarantine”

Asked by citizens whether the quarantine and the test for the entry of Austria would be lifted in the summer, Kurz replied that he hoped there would be no quarantine. ??

– As for the tests, I do not know. In the EU, we try to adopt uniform rules, and the discussion continues. Austria is committed to rebuilding a Europe without borders – he said.

In the emotional video, he also warned that the system would crash if no one followed the rules. Kurz said it was good news that the end of the pandemic was in sight, and reiterated that he was convinced that anyone in Austria who wanted to had the chance to be vaccinated in 100 days.

1.3 million people vaccinated in Austria

He estimated that about five million Austrians, over the age of 16, want to be vaccinated, and so far 1.3 million have done so.

There is nothing left for us, but we all try to contribute and abide by the rules – he said.

Kurz said his private environment was also affected by the pandemic.

?? – When I talk to my parents, they say they are annoyed by the crown. When I talk to the girl, she also says that it irritates her – Kurz reported, adding that she understands that the citizens are fed up with the pandemic, because he feels that too.

He reported that a friend of his also had a crown, and that he was in the hospital.

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