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How do you know if you are a migraine figure? This sign indicates that this is not a normal copy

Here's what's going to help you to distinguish your migraine from exciting headaches, the Dr. Honey has indicated us. Aleksandar Stanić, specialist in neurology and headache-expert.

Pain in one half of the head

Pain in one half of the headPhoto: Profimedia

The pain in migraine head is in & # 39; Most cases are located in one half of the head, most intense, with a pulsating increase in intensity, especially when bending, driving or physical activity.

There are auras with changes in the field of vision

There are two basic forms of migraine – no aura and aura.

– The aura is the most common in the field of vision, such as glue, disappearing vision, framed images or loss of sight in the part of the visual field. Sometimes the aura also contains other neurological symptoms such as tingling one-half of the face and body, weakness or loss of ability of the same strings, assessment of pronunciation or concentration of concentration. Aurora symptoms are often more traumatic for the patient or the headache that follows the aura.

Moisture and sensitivity to light

Migraine is often accompanied by abuse, sometimes through breakdown, and also severe sensitivity to external irritation, such as light, sound and smell.

Migraine attacks range from 72 hours

Migraine attacks range from 72 hoursPhoto: Profimedia

The most striking difference between exciting heads and migraines is the length of pain.

– Migraine attack usually takes place between forty and forty hours, while exciting headaches may take days, months, and even years.

Unlike migraine, exciting occurrences are usually in the back, neck, part of & # 39; the neck, behind the ears, the lower jaw, and the forehead.

– In this head of the head is the penis continuous, in & # 39; a form of density or pressure, but there is no miscarriage, or higher sensitivity to external stimulation – says Dr. Stanić.

According to him, there are fewer statistical differences on the migraine incidence of sex.

– Migraine self-contained in 18 to 25 percent of women and 7 to 10 percent of men, usually between 25 and 45 years, – says Dr. Stanic.

There is not much, but there are improvements

Migraine is a head that has its own evolution with the tendency of spontaneous salary in the elderly. The nature of this headache is good, on course and outcome, but it can affect the quality of life.

– Modern medical therapy, with the change of some harmful habits and the reduction of certain foods and alcohol, can change the frequency of migraine and start the migraine attack on the end. At present, we can not get any migraine, but we can affect its frequency, intensity and the following unfavorable symptoms, and also at the beginning of a migraine attack on # to reduce the end of the start – says Dr. Stanic.

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