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He's exciting and intelligent … Lugar admitted if she touches David (video) | whole body


Đogani opened her soul to Ognjen Amidžić.

Luna Jojo, David Dragojevic

Luna Đogani co-operated with Ognjen Amidžić to talk about the "co-operative" sights. At some point the blogger talked about the relationship between David and Alexander and found out whether she would contact Dragoevic.

I'm wearing a tent label. I loved David and Alexander. They are good people. They have problems with the relationship but will solve it. David is interesting and intelligent and resembles my comrades outside. I believe in male-female friendship. Alexandra and I had no better relationship. David is not my type of man. Physically he is not my type. And if it does not exist, I will not be David and Alexander. Their relationship will survive, "Luna said.

Watch the video:


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