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Here's what the sun in # shooter brings to your temporary sign Telegraph


The sun in the shooter brings one to love, to some extent, and to some problems. Here you are & # 39; you are

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We sent in the shooter season, a sign that was loaded with energy and a wish for research. The sun in this sign will make you all passengers this year and think about how to go. Listen to the horoscope and you will not make a mistake.


At your current time is the ninth home of adventure. You can expect new live broadcasts, and you are well-educated by the old ones, all together bring you a great experience that will serve you in the future. One person will help you to see things in the right way and choose the right place.

The shooter is known for adventure and travel, so many new options will be opened for you. You travel and receive guests from abroad.

With retrograde Mercury, you get the opportunity to get important business plans and make progress in business. Neptune and Mercury, however, ask for a detailed plan, which increases as a new challenge, increases a real list of commitments.

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The Sun Shot activates your eighth home of change.

If the bullet cuts, it's hard to talk about it in # 39; the shutter, not to Jupiter. This planet, in sunset with Mercury and Mercury in your eighth house, will force you to unleash one person or make the unusual situation, and then you will go into new things.

It can happen that one special person helps you to see things with other eyes and thus a new leaf. You get the wind in return to get in an earlier unknown way to earn money.


The dominant home is that beloved rule. The sun just gives your emotions, and you will be more open to love relationships. It may happen that you will have a serious relationship with you, but he is not ready to take an initiative. Roll this role to you and you will not make any mistake.

In the company you will be open for Internet surveys and contact in this way. You also get information about new cultures that change your aspects, and maybe plans.

Jupiter and Mercury will help you handle when you come to help your friends.


The sun in the shooter affects your sixth home life balance. You can determine how your health is better. This will motivate you to leave the natural activity and go to a gym or at least to walk.

If you make a balance in a health plan, you will not be tough to make some work decisions and reduce tension. It will have a lot of meaning for you to get the harmony in work throughout your life.

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The fifth is the mood of the vote.

The lions will feel happy and feminine during this period, but they will look for these feelings outside the home. You will realize that you are open to a love association. It brings you to new people and situations.

Perhaps it's time to change a task, and even a circle of friends. The projects will bring you to a completely new business adventure that you request again. You will also be free of financial burden, so you can enjoy your enjoyment.


The Sun Shooter activates your fourth level of stability. If you are in this vote, you may need to try new things. Talk to you, that's what you missed, while it was a scorching operation. It may happen that these new insights relate to the competitive situation there. You will not like it, but now you have insight, will take things in your own hands and change.

Relations with parents will improve and this will get you.


The sun in the shooter will light the third home of communication.

The way you see things in life, people and situations will completely change. You are beginning to investigate everything, but relevant. One with one you see how to change your access to things. It may be that you listen to some lectures and get the best of them.

The visitor opens the door to the adventure, so you choose to learn a new language or buy a new car. This period is also good for opening a blog, roll or other activity on social networks.

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The sun in the shooter will handle your other property. You begin to explore the brand of housing, or you will think of changing your home and staying your daily life. It tells you what you want to decide in which interior you want to live. Self homes will start to attract you.

With the energy of a shooter, this is a good time to invest in a property, but you should also consider saving money. If you are a collector, it would be useful to sell something of antiquity, to get more money than usual.


The sun in the shooter will light the first house, your personality. You will feel safer, you will trust more and more in your instincts.

All efforts made in your work are ultimately paid. You have already been distributed between new plans and much work and there was no time for a break. Now, the situation will soon get rid of you and you can think a lot more. You get some new decisions that will take your hand.

In love you are going to spend a lot of loss, but now the sun will help you and then the northbound in cancer. You will be able to achieve a strong loyalty.


The sun in the shooter creates the domains of your 12th home, healing. The addition of avant-gardens to this home will lead to injuries of some standards, which is not typical for you, but brings cleansing of the spirit and new energy. In the last period you have been involved with the business and you have no time for other aspects of your life, so it was time to travel. You can also feel good if you just find in your background. Just do one thing and keep yourself.

The season of the shooter is a good time to investigate the past. Ask yourself how you want to try and do something else in the future. Try to do what you can to replace your spiritual side.

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The sun in the shooter will be your 11th home of friendship. Current friends can be a source that you can use for new customers. Stand social networks and bring you the joy of socializing that you no longer felt. Ultimately, you can get around # 39; Rescue the environment and what you are.

If you felt that things were controversial, you could not accept it, and if you did not enjoy the chance, the shooter could help you. You will have the opportunity to look and feel.


The sun in the shooter will activate your 10th home, the job.

In the next period you will have a lot of risks and you will explore new areas and limitations. You can find a job or your career will go to another direction, bringing your new one again. He will try something completely different, you can travel to work on a bus that is not.

The visitor with Jupiter and Mercury in the same sign can help you develop the commercial skills. You will have the desire to write and socialize on social networks. It would not be great to try and publish something.

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